Someone help with a reliable nutrient schedule

I’m growing Autoflowers in coco coir using general hydroponic flora series with armor si liquid koolbloom ,flora nectar,diamond nectar, I have tried using this schedule I’m posting with no luck a nitrogen deficiency and cal mag deficiency during flowering so can anyone give me a fool proof schedule for the line of nutrients I have thanks

Or any changes I should make to this schedule to prevent the deficiency’s

This is what changes I have made but I’m getting a clawing from to much nitrogen I believe

How often are you feeding in coco? This could be more of an issue than what you’re mixing to put in. I use jacks 321 and feed to runoff daily at about 950ppm. It’s not perfect npk ratio, but is reasonable and works. The most successful people i know using flora series follow modified lucas formula with calmag and silica. I’m not really in a position to coach you on this because I’ve never used it, but i would look it up if pot committed to the gh stuff.

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I feed once a day and so far with this run I haven’t had any problems yet but I’m just getting into flowering stage


Daily is good if reasonably sized pot. Plants look green, usually a good sign!


@Smokey1996 I downloaded that same schedule. Ended up going with the one on the cocoforcannabis website. It’s on the how to mix nutrients page. Pretty sure it includes all the nutes you mentioned and the doses of the three main nutes are slightly lower than the schedule you have. Definitely worth taking a look at.

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GIRLS look nice and healthy. Are you planning on any lst?

I already did they outgrew the last quick lmao