Help with feeding schedule

Just germinated a girl scout cookies extreme auto flower seed and gonna be attempting a grow in coco this time… I’m using the mars hydro ts2000 light in a 3x3 tent and using a 3 gallon smartpot. Will be using the gh flora trio lineup for nutrients and calmag and ro water. My question is when do I start feeding the seedling, how much and at what strength and ppm. Any answers and extra info on nutrients in veg and flower would be greatly appreciated as well.


I’m interested as well, I’m still in soil but I’d like move up to coco in future grows, I also use GH Flora series so I’d like to know for sure

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@Thecromers I grow DWC and mix the following in 4 gallon increments…its a starting point for you and your setup

nutrient schedule


You’re going to have to keep coco at least a little wet, and be sure to keep calcium in it. I don’t use gh, if i did would probably use lucas formula in coco.


Hey @Thecromers I too have been using GH for a while now. I’m a hydroponic grower and have been using the advanced schedule for a couple years.

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