Some weird black little ball rotting my buds please help

everything was fine until i discover 5 little buds on my plants with some weird little black ball , that look like it’s rotting my buds , it doesn’t really look like bud rot , and it doesn’t look like a pest either, not sure what it is ? anyone can help ? by the way im growing outdoor in a greenhouse the plants is on their 5 weeks flowering and only one showing those sign Uploading: A7A41BCD-9389-4A75-B9C8-3B9033FB3B58.jpeg… Uploading: 6AFBA5D0-2EA2-4E45-A1D5-78DAEFCDB9A7.jpeg… Uploading: 7C6D72CC-A7D9-4C59-8DA0-D213650E7451.jpeg…

@Willd has unfortunately had a lot of issues this year maybe he can help confirm what it is.

Or @Screwauger or @garrigan62

That doesn’t really appear to be bud rot but more like caterpillar damage. The only “black” spot I see is on the first pic. It looks like worm castings.
The tiny caterpillars are the same color as the vegetation so they’re difficult to spot
I’d mix up a spray of water:isopropyl alcohol at 9:1 ,apply liberally & let it dry, then spray with BT or Spinosad just to be safe.
If you can zoom in more that might help.


thanks :pray:t5: mate i think you right it look like a insects damage, i used some cinnamon and essential oil it seems to b fine now :+1:t5: