Some leaves deformed

My first grow and overall plants are looking good but after topping a week ago I’m starting to get some leaves that a deformed. What’s going on and should I be concerned?


Your plant looks healthy. These issues usually occur due to the normal movement of the plant or a fan causing movement. Plant parts rub together and create these anomalies. If you’ve ever seen a time-lapse video of a cannabis plant growing, it’s amazing how much that plant moves on its own.


Could also have gotten nicked when you topped. The telltale sign is its at the node you topped at. I wouldnt be too worried unless it spread on you.

Plants do look exceptionally healthy though. Good grow so far…


Thanks for putting my kind at ease! Ive got another quick question regarding pruning. Ive got a few large leaves that a blocking lower plant growth and flowering sites. Is it okay to prune these larger leaves or would that be detrimental to the plants growth?

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Defoliate as necessary to maintain good airflow in the plant’s canopy.

Two comments:

Flowers don’t use light. They are only 5% as effective at conducting photosynthesis as leaves are.

It’s a good idea to maximize light coverage, but direct light to the lower areas of the plant isn’t necessary. Photosynthesis generates sugars for the plant to use. The sugars will be distributed throughout the plant where needed via the stem system.


So here’s current pics. So should I begin defoliating some of these leaves. I’m a little gun shy especially since I just topped them just under a week ago. Worried about stressing the plants out.

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There’s plenty of airflow in the plants as they are. I’d leave them alone for now.

For future reference: you can take up to 25% of foliage off at one time without stressing the plant too much.


Cheers mate! Really appreciate your guidance

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