Some kind of symptoms in flower stage

Hello team, Im growing these watermellon autos from rqs under 100w light( vipar spectra p600) and I am very impressed with the size of my first weed grow. Ladies start stacking budz which I never thought id see with such a weak light but it aint so weak after all . And I have 3 plants in. Risky ik but seems they are doing fine… i think :stuck_out_tongue:
So i started having some N toxicity at the veg stage and the tips were yellowing just a bit. I cut back the nitrogen to half the veg dosage when they entered flower (which was 2ml per lt as recommended by plagron) Using plagron alga grow alga bloom liquid organic nutes. Now its almost week 8 of these plants and flowering is underway, I saw the tips of most leaves, sugar and fan leaves start getting more yellow and start to wrinkle. Also, another thing that made me think is that 1 of the three plants is smaller from start but looks the healthiest in contrast to the other 2 big ones, the plant on the bottom right has these beautiful dark green leaves, the bud sites and pistils look bigger and hairier than the other ones and it hasn’t shown ah signs of any symptom. So i don’t understand if its deficiency or toxicity from hydrogen. Also one more thing, the plant closest to me shows some weird symptoms out of nowhere, like yellowing a spot in the middle of the leave, or a leaf looks like its bit from something or has werid leaf patterns.

If anybody has a good guess your comment will be appreciated.
P.S: They are getting very bushy, i have defoliated a little because it was unmanageable but i feel like i should do a proper defoliation. When should i do it and is it even necessary


Defoliation is a personal style from any grower. Some defol more than others.
My growing style is to leave them as long as possible until flowering. I may remove them, or tuck them depends on location. Bottom 1/3 gets cleaned up, but that depends on what intend that plants purpose. Edibles and extraction I’m not as particular, because it’ll be ground up, or extracted and nobody will know the difference.

The end goal is the same, to thin out the plant enough that the lower flowers are getting adequate light.
It looks like you did great.

Plant training before flowering can assist with better light penetration by evening out the canopy. Plant training can be a factor in producing better yields making the canopy at the same level, (mostly) allows for the light to operated in a lower position and you’ll have better light penetration being closer to the canopy.

I can see a bit of nutrient burn, and that’s about as much as I like. Check PH on the lighter green one, and if the PH is in line, I would cautiously recommend adding a bit of nitrogen into the schedule, or let it ride. Some plants can be picky.
What is your nutrient schedule and what are you using?


Thanks for the info man. Any tips for the burn you see though?

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The nutrient burn won’t go away, have to ride that one out.


I mean, do you think its toxicity or deficiency? Cuz the top leaves as well as the sugar leaves show these burns even though they are not super dark green so it doesn’t look like nitrogen abundance. I still use a bit of grow, only 1 ml per litre(half of the recommended dose) and 2ml bloom in soil. Also, my smallest plant looks the healthiest and doesnt have any burns. Been feeding the same amount more or less

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Definitely excess, but not too much excess.

Some just have a different PH preference, or nutrient uptake. Check the ph of the run off, and make adjustments if needed. Ph will affect nutrient uptake, this is why it’s so important to check.


She looks great! Good growing.

Normal colors for this stage.

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So Im using everything plagron. Alga grow and alga bloom with plagron soil 3 gallon fabric pots. How can i check the runoff with fabric pots? I only water without runoff to avoid overwatering. I dont even have a water catcher bellow. Can i test soil ph just by runoff water with normal ph pen?

Also, i now checked the ph and its 7,2. How will i bring it back down? What ph should my water feed be to get the soil back to ph 6,5? ( I usually water the bigger one with 1,5 litres)