Some help needed please

Question from a fellow grower:

I know this is the forum, but after the initial post,
I was unable to get my reply to someone to post.
The problem is the dying leaves at the bottom. I water
2-3 days, fox farm veg. once a week, pH of water is
7.0, pH of soil is also 7.0… plain organic soil. I originally
thought it was transplant shock as it was transplanted
on day 20. It’s now on day 27.

You need to get your ph dwn to 6.5. 7.0 is too high for sure


I’m no expert just a gardner still learning, but I agree with @Liljoe. I use a mix of Happy Frog and ocean forest for my soil and I keep the pH between 6.3 and 6.8… 6.5 being the Sweet Spot. I think within a couple of days of adjusting pH you’ll see a change for the better. Please keep posting any questions you have. Have a nice morning


A good ph pin/meter is a must and the calibrate solution to see if your meter is holding it’s calibration. Check it every 10 days or so. This will help you keep your plants healthy and keep you from having alot of problems and have the good problem of having to tie everything up because your buds are so big


Just to add to your good point / advice, @ThcinKC , I have bought two cheap ph meters on Amazon before I bought a nicer model. The cheap Amazon PH meters lasted me 1 year on the first one I bought. The second one lasted nine months. So instead of buying a third cheap ph meter I just bought a nicer model called the Apera ph20 (amazon). I find it to be really accurate and easy-to-use. Comes with little calibration solution bottles, a nice little case to store the meter and your calibration solution in, etc.
Thanks for posting that point @ThcinKC.
Good luck everyone


Both in and out are now within range. I had someone double check it for me. I’m a newbie, so I wanted to be sure it was accurate. I absolutely LOVE ILGM! Thank you for all of your support and feedback. Here’s my latest pic…it’s even showing new growth after FIM :relaxed:


Can’t figure out how to add a post so I’m gonna do it this way! I’m not new to this all tho I am using an eb and flow system this go around. but I’ve never had this particular issue before my plants were stacking great leaf structure wise and all of a sudden decided to start canoeing up yesterday. I’ve got 8 plants under a 600w air cooled fan no yellowing or funky shit just canoeing. The light is about 2.5 feet away and I have it on a 4x a day watering cycle. Any thoughts? I actually figured it out on my own but I’m gonna share what I did to fix this particular problem I was spraying them with a mister 2 x a day I dropped it down to 1 time in the morning and skipped the night time spray and that fixed the issue.

can u post some pics in natural ‘white light’.?
the purple is all i can see (old eyes and an old laptop)

i know others will disagree, but 7.0 is fine for ‘soil’, anywhere between 6.3 and 7.0 is good.!

r they dry and ready for water every 2-3 days.?
how do u know when they r ready for water.?