Soil ph low I think?

So I am 26 days in with my grow. I have 2nl autos 1blue diesel. In fox farms happy frog. Lighting is hlg 600 feeding advanced hydro nutes. First feeding was at 14 days second was at 25 days first feeding super light quater strength. Last feeding was at half strength. Fresh ro water in between. 5gallon pots. After feeding yesterday I was only able to get one plant to run off so I tested the run off and got some scary numbers. 2000ppm and 5.3 ph the plants look great to me except the one I got run off from leaves are weird looking see pics below. I think water sat on leaves and got fried from the light. The pictures are at 25 days old. What should my next step be flush try to balance ph with lime if so what kind of lime would be best. Thanks in advance don’t want to loose my girls this is my first grow on my own.Also can someone recommendations good soil ph tester I know most of them are garbage but I would like one to double check the 2 pots I didn’t get run off from

Foxfarms are high runoff. That’s normal. You shouldn’t have to feed first month and a half with foxfarms. Next watering, ph your water to 7.0ish, that should raise ph.


For ph meters, I have a h/m digital and love it. A lot of people on here us apera also. both are about $50-60

@HornHead I have the papers unit. I was looking for one that you stick in the soil to get a reading I haven’t watered enough to get run off afraid to overwater them. I will wait to feed for a while. These auto say they should be done in 60 days but I have heard that is just not true. If 60 days is true these girls are tiny I think. The plant with the goofy looking leaves is that from letting water sit on them

60 days from when they begin to Flower is my understanding, more experienced people will correct me if i am wrong.

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That was what I was thinking too. And that has been what i was told but the seedbank say 60 days seed to harvest. Possibly false advertisement.

Don’t worry about over watering, they’re big enough. And autos, you should be happy they haven’t started to flower yet. Also, soil meters are junk. Spend $50 or so and get a good water meter. You can make a slurry and test soil. @Myfriendis410 @MattyBear @Jbum may be able to help more

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Fox farms happy frog is good for about 45 days. You shouldn’t need to add anything, except maybe cal or mag, until at least day 30.

Fox farms ocean forest is pretty good for 60+ days. I’ve done a full grow (only 30 day veg) with just ffof.

Both soils will give high runoff numbers in the beginning. I’ve seen 2500. That’s nothing to worry about.

I monitor ppm, so when it starts falling below 1400 I begin to add nutes.

I use this meter

. It’s a bit more than the ph20, but it’s got a replaceable probe (for clumsy people)


I am happy they haven’t started flowering I was just worried I screwed up. But they looked so healthy minus the discolored leaves on one plant I couldn’t figure it out. So I will try to water with 7 ph’d water for the next watering. Then test again. Thanks a bunch.

Thanks man I was worried I ruined them. Good to know the run off is high with fox farms soils. Just need to bring my ph up then any recommendations other than watering with higher ph’d water.

What’s your tap water like?

maybe this will help.

I never tested tap water I have municipal so I run a 4stage ro system which gets me to 2ppm so it is hard to get a accurate ph but that is around 6.5. I will test the municipal water in the am

It does help I wonder if it will screw it up if I would switch nutes guess I should be matching soil producer and nutes from the same. The ppm range is what three me off but now seeing there chart it makes sense.

How hard are you running your light? The extremely tight node spacing suggests you can back it off a little.

I have it about 60% just a touch over half. At 30"

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A driver or b driver? Did we have this conversation recently in different thread? I feel case of deja-vu lol

Yes we did b driver had it at half for a while just bumped it like 2 days ago. I have a 100k petionometer it clicks at about half way I to turning so I am calling that 50%

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@dbrn32 I just took a voltage reading on my outputs at the light. Sitting right on 50 volts dc not sure how to convert this into what percentage I am at but I think I may be way higher than half power. If I am more than half power should I bump it back and to what voltage or amperage out the driver. If I do this will it goof up these little ladies or will they just adjust to it.

Voltage isn’t really indication of power level, you would need to measure current.

I wouldn’t sweat it too much.

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