Some advice on where to try drying in the home this time: closet/ at room/ wine fridge?

Rookie here and would appreciate some advice on where to dry in my low humidity NE winter home. My first grow was last summer where I tried trying in decent humidity conditions in two rooms. I used a WeDryer for smell and over dried in both locations.

I also dried some in a piezoelectric wine fridge which went much better as I could control temperature (but not humidity) but I still think I over dried there or screwed up the cure. My recollection was rh got a bit low after week two here.

Anyway, I have a small auto which should be ready next week and would appreciate any advice this time around. Here are my options :

  1. I have small under stairs basement closet that is dark, out of the way and could keep temps at 70 or below. This seems ideal but I would need a humidifier. Either a larger basement evaporative air type model in the main room and hope humidity gets into the closet or maybe stick a Levoit type ultrasonic in the small closet with a fan and use distilled water. Smell might be an issue here just hanging in the closet , but I could also try the WeDryer in this closet since it has a filter and maybe try to use a smart plug to cycle the fan on and off to avoid my past over drying.

  2. try hanging the WeDryer in an unused upstairs bathroom, with an ultrasonic humidifier, and I could open the window a crack to get temps down to the 60s. Wifey would not be too happy with this option in general but I could maybe work that out lol. Also benefit that if humidity gets really low I could turn the shower in for a few minutes if really needed

  3. try the wine fridge again ala lotus cure. Last time I did not use paper bags and hung buds directly from the racks. Maybe this time try a wet trim here and use paper bags for a slow two three week dry. Issue here is I have no way to control humidity in this set up. Don’t think a room humidifier will make any difference in a closed fridge ?

So any thoughts or comments appreciated….I could just experiment as if all goes well on this small auto, I hopefully have another plant ready next month if all goes well.

So thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice. I definitely fell into the got lucky on the grow, but need help on the back end …

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Paper bags will dry your buds fairly quickly.
Wet trimming will dry your buds faster than dry trimming. Leave everything on while drying if you want to go slow.

I’ve got a NE basement too. Temps are usually 50ish down there during the winter, with rh hovering around 50% as well. I find it’s the perfect place to dry my buds. I’ve got a dedicated tent with a fan in it to circulate air, but not directly hit the hanging buds. It usually take 12-16 days of hanging before I attempt trimming.


I’ve had success with cold and slow drying … if you dry to fast or jar them to wet it makes it smell like hay … their is great information on curing … see witch one works for you