Soil-What to do with it after the crop has been harvested?

I’ve never worked with coco coir before and I was anxious to get my first indoor grow going, so I purchased about a s**t-ton of Fox Farms soil.

When this grow is done, what to do with the spent soil? Can it be re-used? If so, can it be rejuvenated in some fashion? Can/should it be stored for later use? Suggestions? I don’t wanna have to blow 100 bucks on soil each time if I don’t have to.


Yes, you can recycle your old soil and root balls. Learn up on composting.

I’m growing these ladies in 100% recycled soil. I only need to add water because I’ve pre-loaded it with fertilizers and worms while I composted the old soil.


I am using FFOF, and at the end of my grow, I flushed the soil until it was essentially empty, and then started new plants in it, using jacks 321 to feed. I had the same thought, I didn’t want to constantly replace soil, and now that I’ve transitioned to jacks, I didn’t need any additives in the soil that I couldn’t add myself. Also, as stated above, you can also reamend the soil for organic growing. I don’t have any experience with that personally, but I see plenty of people go that route


I just started reusing my FF soil, like @DrWatson420 I’m using Jack’s 321 nutrients and my girls are doing well. If you’re not interested in reusing, it makes great potting soil for outdoor plants. My wife has been using it for her annual flowers outside and she has had explosive growth.


I use to grow in coco coir what i ended up doing is mixing in a heap or worm castings and bat guano and volcanic rock dust fertilizer and superworm frass and kelp meal and alfalfa meal fish bone meal and sea bird guano and organic compost i mixed all this together and added worms to it i put it in to a black tote with a lid and i let the worms do there thing for a month or so and after they have broken down the organic fertilizer ready for the plants to use i transplant my seedlings into the final pot with this soil mix and after a month you top dress with the same stuff that u put in ur soil except the organic compost


You folks are great. I will be doing some soil recycleing with the compost method. I like to make my own soil mix anyway so i know whats in it. Can you cover and restore that soil over winter? Will it be ready to use in the spring?

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I dont see why not

I am am on I think the 4th recycle of soil. 3rd for others - grows now overlap too fast to keep track. Reuse and add new amendments. If a grow seemed off I would add it to the compost pile/bin. I did that with a couple of bags with plants that kind of struggled a bit.


I keep mine in a large sealed plastic garbage can.


I put mine in sealed totes. Bad back and all there is only so much I can lift. I pull out the plant and main rootball but let the little feeder roots remain. @Bulldognuts do you leaves roots in?


I believe @MrPeat reuses his soil as well and may have something to offer here.


You can always reinvigorate it with earth dust or other living soil.

I break away as much soil from root ball as possible. Just a quick tip, let your pots sit in dry area until soil is completely dried out. I also reuse fabric pots, when the soil is completely dry it comes out of pots a lot easier :+1:

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I leave the roots in, cannabis roots are a good source of PK. But it takes a good amount of N to break them down. This is where the understanding of composting comes in. The roots are your carbon input for the compost process. Add a dash of native soil and that will provide all the silica your plant needs, it’s the second most abundant mineral in the earths crust.


I have grown in the same soil for 2 years. Till the Toilet Bowl Seeds happened.

I am depleting a bag and its the 2nd grow rotation and still enough nutrients left for this plant to eat up.

Now with that said. The key is you have to start nutrients almost out of the gate. Just dome the seedlings till the leaves touch the sides.

Once this happens, Nutrients is started. Pull the dome and keep feeding till harvest. Its really easy to re-use old soil. Just make sure to get as many roots out as you can. As this can ruin your next crop rotation.

Just tag me if you need help and btw, I am a FFOF soil grower. :+1::+1::+1:

Mind you this works for me.


There are basically two paths you could take.

You could switch fully over to using the nutrients, using your depleted soil as the substrate. In this case, you must remove the old roots, or they will deplete the N from your substrate as they are broken down. You can go ahead and reuse it right away, because none of the nutrition comes from your soil anymore. Pure coco however has a superior Cation Exchange Capacity than your depleted FFOF.

The other path, which I take, leads down the living soil rabbit hole. In this case you cannot reuse your old soil right away, you need to replenish and rest it for a time. There is no need to remove the old roots, since they’re a source of organic material which you are trying to replace through composting.

You could even go the full “Soylent Weed” like I do, and source some of the N required for breaking down the old roots, from your fan leaves and spent bud leftover from extraction. Blend these up with some cukes or banana peels (P) and other kitchen waste and add it to the compost. Along with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. :face_with_monocle:


As @CurrDogg420 saying composting if you get it right your soil will feed your plants if you don’t you will be feeding them the trick to making good compost is mixing so pest that you don’t want can’t survive and the micros and bacteria can do its thing everything breaks down that’s when the tumbler comes in if anyone needs help with anything give a heads up


I reuse my ffof soil, i amend with organic nutrients use to start clones and drop seeds on occasion. I also keep the left over in a plastic trash can with a lid. Read the plants and adjust nutrient tea to keep them healthy :heavy_check_mark:

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The worms i have im my soil they wat the roots that are left over after taking out the root ball

I’ve been a raised bed gardener for the last decade. Last year was my first MJ grow since my youth. The stuff left over (OF) from my pots goes into the compost pile with chicken poo, collected leaves that have been run through a chipper shredder, and all the egg shells from the past year.

I use sets of pallets, stood up and joined on three sides, open to the south, usually turn it two or three times over winter, then that all goes into the raised beds in the spring.

Last fall when my girls were finished, under the pots was a huge windfall of tons of worms. I scooped the top couple inches of that soil up and threw it all in the piles as well.

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to use my own soil or go with the Ocean forrest again. It was incredibly easy and I didn’t add much in the way of nutes over the course of the grow.