Soil recipe Help

Needing some help with ratios,

Promix M
Foxfarm ocean forest
Worm casting

I’ll be popping seeds in a self watering starter tray, then going into a 1 gal pot before transplanting into 5 gal pots, what would be a good ratio for the 1 gal, and the 5 gal, thanks ahead of time .


@Ryansway this is what I would do with these ingredients. Mix FFOF 50/50 or 75/25 with the Promix. Both of these soils have perlite in them so if you want more maybe 10 - 20 % of the volume. I would plant seedlings directly in to the 5gal pots. No need for all that transplanting. Both these soils are somewhat ph balanced. I’d check your soil ph before doing anything else. If your in that 6.2 to 6.8 range forget the lime. The FFOF is a hot soil. So adding the worm castings would add to that and could lower your ph. Me, I’d make a worm casting tea and apply as needed.



That would make it a lot easier, and all the soil recipes and info they always act like you have to add lime to promix and ffof, so I wasn’t sure if this was the case and every 1 seems to add worm casting and perlite in everything lol, but I appreciate the info, always like getting advice from people that know what’s up, thanks guys!!!


P.s. Would there be anything else I could add to this recipe to add to quality of final product?

You could go with just the FFOF and would be good to go thru veg (so I’ve read ) and make it even easier. They say you can’t add to much worm castings but with that soil There’s really no need. If your a new grower I’d go as simple as you can. Just ph every drop of water you feed your plant and yes a little work cat tea now and then would be ok

Wanting to reuse last years Fox Farm soil in my 50 gal smart pots,what do you suggest?

Where do I get fox soil. Also I have access to bat guano do you have a recipe for the guano tea