Soil PH too high - Is this an issue?

Just for the hell of it, I did a soil slurry test. The result was that the soil PH is 7.3. I am pretty sure that this is too high. What can I do to reduce the PH of the soil? I am using a 75/25 mix of FF Happy Frog and Coco Coir. I have some concerns about nutrient absorption. When I water or feed, I try to target the PH at 6.0 but I still always get runoff readings at the high end of the range (6.8 - 7.0). Any suggestions? Am I overthinking this? As always, thanks for your help!

Surprised as most of the time we see the opposite problem.

Have you checked your runoff pH? 7.3 is high, but if you have been reading ~6.9 it’s probably not a whole lot to worry about. imo I like to run pH a little on the high end of the scale anyway, as it helps with P and K uptake for flowering.

I’d keep pHing feedings at 5.8 to 6.0 to run it down. You can also top your soil mix with a little dolomite lime to buffer your pH.