Soil Grower, What Type Of Water

Hello Everyone! Starting my third grow in a couple of weeks. Indoor auto feminized Purple Punch. I use FF Happy Frog and Pro Mix.
I have used distilled water every three days starting in flower for 72 days with nutes for the first two grows and they came out fine. I have the EC and PPM meter along with a ph meter. I have noticed that both instruments say not to store them in distilled water when not in use. I use tap water to store the instruments.
What type of water do you recommend for this grow? If tap water, aren’t the chemicals a problem?


I use tap water with nutes all the time.

Our water is pretty good and is usually near 7.0ph.
I will use rain water when it is available but that is seldom.


You can use tap but needs to set out for at least 24 - 48 hours to let the chlorine dissipate.

You can also get a water profile from your water provider and that will let you know what’s I. It (if you really want to know lol)

I use a Boogie Blue filter. Works great!

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