During the vegetative stage, how often should you flush and water the plants with just PH water?

During the vegetative stage, how often should you flush and water the plants with just PH water? And in that solution is root flushing stuff good?

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What kind of growing medium are you using and what kind of nutes?

I am using Happy Frog soil and for nutes, I start out light for the first 4 weeks, pretty much just ph water for foliar and soil maybe like an eighth of tspn cal mag per gallon if even that, I am debating it. But, really just worm compost tea and root solution in smaller amounts for the first four weeks and then I just have absolutely everything you can think of for after that, which i measure with ppms.

So I don’t flush unless something is way off with soil ph. When I do, sometimes Just use plain ph water and sometimes I use the FF Sledgehammer. Always follow up with 1/4 strength nutes. Heck, I don’t even flush anymore before harvest… I honestly never saw a difference but some people swear by it (along with dark periods which I can’t do outdoors LOL)

Water the plants when the pot feels light or you stick you finger in up to the second knuckle and it’s dry, dry…


I use same soil. Frog is good for 4 weeks. I uppot 4 times so i never need nutes until flowering.
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:point_up_2: as in transplant? :love_you_gesture:

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Flushing should be a last resort to correct soil issues like PH or accumulated salts in the root zone. Water and feed alternating these to run off. Collect a sample and test the run off PH and PPMs, this will let you know to water or feed :love_you_gesture:

I follow the FF flush schedule. Every like 4 weeks. It isnt even about fixing the soil for me, the plants are always SUPER happy looking after. It has zero negative effects as far as I can see, only positive.


Yes. Seedling cup to quart
Quart to gallon
Gallon to 2.3 gallon
2.3 gallon to 5 gallon

@Bonjoyle what nutes do you introduce after week 4? I’m on day 19 of my first grow and used Happy Frog as well.

I think that he said that he did not have to use nutes because he changes pots and soil often enough.

Good eyes @justinsloan. That is correct. I do not use any nutes from germ to flower. 4 weeks after the last transplant into the 5 gallon is when I start adding the calmag and bloom nutes every 10 days until she is done. There is root science behind my decision to transplant 4 times each grow. And to answer your other question in the title, I run about 2 gallons 7.0 pH distilled RO through her 2 days before the final transplant. I truly keep my grows very simple and only react when she needs something. I don’t give her stuff just to do it.

The pic I am trying to upload is a web file so it is not letting me. Here is a link with a diagram of how the roots spread when transplanting vs planting a baby in a 5 gallon.

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