Soil for veg through harvests

Looking for a soil i can use from veg throgh haverst. Somthing orginac.
Lets get this growing .
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@Wolfmankush so i am growing autos and wanted soil that would take me to atleast well into flower. So i made a big batch of living super soil for bottom half or the buckets, followed by a “lighter”-“cooler” living potting soil,. Once your soils good n mixed(not mixed together, they get layered in pots) i used compost tea to wet them before allowing the ss 60days min. And about 3-4 wks with the ps. It was under 150$ for it all and i have alot of some things left for future batches, so the next batches will be much cheaper. Bag for bag i think it was same or less then buying name brand organic dank soil from a store. I use a compost tumbler to cook the soils in. Helps stir them and keep them consistently warmer. I use a ss topfeed layering system in my organic veg. Raised bedGardens,they are planted tight and produce heavy. I dont use any nutes. Sometimes during drought i use comp. Tea, thats it.Hope this helps?



Let me start by saying, I haven’t tried this, but my next grow I think I’m going to try Kind Soil. It’s a family owned company that makes hot soil in Michigan. They claim it is a “water only” soil that requires no nutrients from seed to harvest. I saw a grow journal on another site and the results were impressive. The instructions for use are on their website and while the soil is pretty pricey, the savings in nutrients and additives may offset the cost. I think you’ll pay more for the convenience but I’m still intrigued and considering it. They also sell it on Amazon but I think it’s cheaper through their site.

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Sounds like a plan. Please share your experiences / results. I know I’m always looking for simple solutions. :grin:

I am using a mix found on here, and adding notes as the grow continues (like add more lime) if this is any help. I do not plan to feed nutes except for an occasional tea when budding.