Soil decisions indoor growing

Im a new grower im doing indoor n im using a few seeds from an old school grower but im needing some soil recipes I have down to earth nutrients crab meal shrimp meal kelp meal bat guano but can’t decide on a soil to make a super soil alot stuff on the internet (which u gotta take with a grain of salt) so any input would be greatly appreciated and thank you!

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So no Fox Farms soil , strictly organic?

I’ve used ff before and it seemed a little hot well the ocean forest seemed a little hot but this is my first time using organic ammendments

@sparki, I would use Roots Original Soil. Mix the supplements with the soil, put this in the bottom half of the container, and then top off with the regular soil with the plant. Then water only, unless the plant looks hungry.
When I use this soil, I always go in at 6.5 ph, and never have any ph issues.

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Thanks again

Dolomite Lime helped mitigate this issue., maybe.
Still fighting the good fight.