Indoor Grow Noob

Hello, I’m wanting to know what is the BEST soil to use in a indoor grow,all information could be supportive! Thanks

For seedlings you’d want any thing that is nutrient free, like a peat moss medium, coco coir etc. When plants are bigger well that just depends on what you want to use, moisture control soil is good for new growers it helps prevent over and underwatering. You can also use Fox farms ocean forest soil as that works really well too. And Fox farms soil works for the plants in vegitative wouldn’t advice to use ocean forest soil from Fox farms on seedlings.

Can I use biodegradable pots?

If they are eco friendly I don’t see why not lol most they would do is breakdown to soil compost when the roots grow through, and they make transplanting 10x easier.

I have seeds that has been stored in a cool dark place for 2+months now, 5 or 6 dark colored with stripes Going across them. Are they still good?
They are of Blue Dream.


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They should still be good :slight_smile: when stored properly seeds have a fairly long shelf life.

I use FF Ocean Forest soil. I germinate using the paper towel method, then plant directly into the soil. Never had an issue.

Also, I’ve successfully germinated seeds that were over a year old. You shouldn’t have a problem as long as they’ve been properly stored away.

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Thanks, Nice Advice!

Good job Majiktoker, you hit each question dead on and I agree 100%


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What would be a good technique for larger yields ?
Also, any suggestions on what kind of water I should be giving plants in all growth stages .

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Good techniques: mainlining, topping, monster scrog and scrog methods and LSTmethods are all great ways to increase your yield, as for water you can use regular sink water or get a RO (reverse osmosis) filtration system for the sink and use filtered water, also certain bottled waters from the store work pretty well

And seeds with dark stripes are known as “tiger striped” seeds nothing wrong with them they usually turn out the healthier seeds

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Thanks buddy, yea I woke up on a good role this morning lol

You did as a mater of fact…lol

But as for the water, PH water is the the best
I myself use rain water


I use rain water as well as melted snow runoff from a spring 2 miles away

Perfect, nothing is better that nature it self my friend.


If using store bought water, what is the better kind to get? Spring water, filtered water, or distilled water? My house uses well water and because of this I can’t truly get everything dialed in. I need to buy a RO unit for the house, but until then, what water should I be using?

I read somewhere that water from a dehumidifier is really low in PPM and can be used, is this true? And how about snow? Could I get a big pot of snow and melt it down to use as water?

Use spring water and yes you can use snow water to that’s what I use, along with bottled water and ro water

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How many times am I going to transplant my plant during the whole grow time?

@macgyverstoner said it best, this is how I will start from now on, I like the concept.