So question? Do you have to dry and cure to make oil?

I’m curious because I’m going to use one of my plants to make some cooking oil can I use the plant fresh??

If you are extracting using oil, yes. If doing a QWET then no.


Yes as in I can use fresh if I’m using oil? I’m using canola cooking oil in a crockpot for 12 or so hours.


This is one…

There is another I can’t find right yet

Not the one but another


Tons of good recipes here:

Emily Kyle Nutrition


Yes you can. I make my oil infusions from fresh frozen trim.

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I cut a small damaged cola off a CBD Kush I’m close to harvesting. I let it dry a couple days before running it through my LEVO and infusing it into olive oil. I ran both the dry & decarb cycles.

It worked just fine.

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So I put 47 grams in 3 cups of oil in the crockpot is that enough???
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Smells great lol

That’s a lot stronger than I make for my wife, but for her is medical usage. Basically, just trying to take the edge off her chronic pain.

My last cannabutter was 1.2g dry trim & bud to 1 cup of vegan butter.

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Well good then should be plenty strong, I’m wanting it to where you only need a bite.

@Joe318 It will be strong. If for wife start a regimen. SMALL doses 3 times a day for week. Up it a touch next week. 3rd week she should start showing tolerance to getting high. After she loses being wasted she can dose harder. I was up to 1g a day of rso when pain was bad. Back down now but oils/edibles/honey instead of rso. I put 3oz in a 16 oz jar of honey for brother. Had to add lecithin and water but it is crazy strong. For his chemo/radiation crap. I would suggest you eat it first or a tripping wife might whip your butt…lol.


That’s not as strong as I make, but should work. My recipe is simple,1 ounce bud, 1cup coconut oil, 1 teaspoon lecithin. Easy for me to remember.