So much rain in Vancouver!

Here in Vancouver BC, we jokingly refer to June as “Junuary” because it rains so much. I was afraid this would happen when I transplanted my girls into the garden. It poured for two days straight! I’m was afraid my tender little 6-week olds would drown and end up all droopy and moldy. But the sun was shining this morning when I went out to check on them. A few suspicious looking spots, but otherwise, they look perfectly healthy and strong! What’s weird is that I swear they sprouted another 2 inches in the last two days! These little girls are determined to become ladies in spite of the shitty weather


Looking good👍

Lol I would keep the leaf debri away as it can promote mold and fungi being dead plant matter and I also Live in BC Central interior so know what you mean about crap weather it’s just now warm enough for outdoor growing for me. Typically garden rule of thumb is after May long I kinda cheated this year but no MJ outside for me too short a season