Poor li'l seedings!

This is my first grow (White Widow Auto).These are my poor sun-deprived seedlings:

Is it just me, or do they look awfully spindley and fragile? The weather here in Vancouver has been pretty crappy.


they look fine too me. I am always ready with a bamboo skewer and piece of tape or wire. They should be getting enough light. Even when overcast.
My plants are auto’s also. They are starting bloom phase outside under a tall awning so as to prevent too much rain from getting on them. In Seattle where I live the average temp right now is about 55*.

They look like mine and are about the same age. I think it is from the weather here as well…now the rain and cold is gone and the warm sun is back so hopefully the growing will start.( cant fight mother nature )

I agree, their looks are completely normal at this stage of development. I live @ 47.15 Latitude.

Thanks, folks, for your thoughts. I’m glad I’m on the right track!

have seen a lot worse @Jenntee when you consider they are getting real light as well they going to be a little taller