So I have sugar ants

I just saw 3 ants crawling on my tent. I have looked and do not see any more. But where there are 3 there a more. This is in my spare bedroom. I see no signs of any other pest. Do I go to war on these little critters or wait and see if they multiply and bring other pests?

Fairly normal for them to migrate indoors as the seasons change. They won’t eat much. Ant traps will get rid of them.


I use honey and boric acid mixed with some moist wheat flower. They suck it up and feed it to there nest mates. That usually does it.


Long as theres no foud for them they should wonder away, if they find foid though they csn call their freinds :confused:

I use boiled egg yokes, sugar, and boric acid it makes like a play dough thats easily placed about. Or ill add corn syrup if i need it sticky for corners…
It kills everything from ants, roachs, to rats :rofl: