Big ants nest, need advice?

Hi I’ve got an outdoor grow (4 plants) in greenhouse. Noticed a ants nest in the dirt in there but I’ve got my girls in fabric pots on wheeled platforms so off the ground. Will the ants affect or damage my girls?

Ants are not normally a big deal except, they farm aphids. Personally, I would get some diatomaceous earth and scatter it around the area the ants are living and kill them. If that isnt easy, go inline and find the recipe for sugar and borax bleach solution, soak cotton balls and place where ants are. It will kill the nest after a short period of time

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I would monitor and see what happens rather than going postal on them. They can be held back by sharp sand if need be. The ants could be keeping predators away as well.

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Maybe not like this…


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They waiting for you to go to sleep

Thanks for the advice, I’m gonna leave them for now just keep an eye on them.
I’m a newbie to all this, I appreciate the advice