Who Let The Ants Out?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“What’s the best way to combat ants in a out door grow?”

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If you can find their home and set it on fire lol. Another good way to prevent and maintain would definitely be food grade diatomaceous earth on the plants and around the rim of the pot. They dont like to crawl through it so they will go away. Goodluck

Borax and sugar make ant traps vinegar or ground dry peppermint make natural repellents


I had a huge issue with ants earlier this year and ended up losing a plant because instead of handling the issue quickly I thought it would just work itself out. I tried coffee grounds, which didn’t do anything. The best was food grade DE (diatomaceous earth) and ant traps. You have to get that under control. Ants basically chewed at the base of the plant and it died just before harvest.

Excuse me but could I possibly use apple cider vinegar ? Would it repel anything else or make it worse ?

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It would throw off ph of your soil

Sorry I ment to put next to my plant outside with a bowl or plate

possibly they don’t like the smell

can you please tell me what this is its been on my plant for a couple day I think I’ve been killing them are they good or bad ?

Thats a good spider lol, he’s eating bugs and protecting your girl!!



Thanks bro! I was already gonna squash it lol