So got a question about seeds need an expert

Have a couple of plants that become Hermes they originated from fem auto flower seeds …the question is will the seeds from theese plants be feminized auto seeds or wil they be herme?


If not pollinated the hermie trait will be active. 70% at least of my seeds from hermies hermie. I just gave up planting them.


They will be auto seeds, but they will be more prone to hermie.


Thanks guys to the trash they go


Thanks guys to the trash they go …does it make any difference if one herms real bad and … end up hermin the rest …or does it not matter any Hermes just messes everything up ? Sorry if question sounds stupid only second grow first grow went great and guess I didn’t pay enough attention this time and Hermie the herb destroyer was ready and waiting…lol still not sure how it Hermed in the first place …indoor tent grow no outdoor air …fem auto seeds and still seeded everything up pretty bad

It depends was it early start of Hermie’s or was it like a last second part on the plant dropping some sacs if it was late at end of flower could have been a last resource and they may be viable seeds if it started without light leaks or a stressor than yes most likely they will herm onu but best is to drop one or 3 and see what happens just if u have others around growing keep a hard eye on them for nanners if u see any the slightest then yank them and pitch rest of seeds if they grow without issue than u may have some Xtra seeds to play with between runs good luck

Dude I’m wide eyes and it’s only 3 am I thought 4 as all clocks say 4 but the phone says 3am. Wtf. Time change came quick. Lol

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Lol thanks bro yep good old day light savings time… I had a plant that I noticed the buds just seemed to be growing slow all of a sudden thought maybe I just stunted it by maybe stressing it and then after a week or 2 take a closer look and see seed pods every where…so I pulled it out the "field of dreams " / “the playboy manion”/ aka my grow tent …and the plants that were perfectly fine before and well on there way to greatness seemed to be super impregnated now too

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Wow sorry. Still will have smokable bud not as good as it could be but will still suit the need it is for lol. Make edibles or something with it if it is something u don’t like that taste or looks make qwet or budder. I had one do this to me wasn’t a herm plant I kept a male around to collect pollen for another guy on here and in process my intake fan being 8 inch sucked in the pollen flying thru the air and pollinated the whole grow room some plants that were in front of the intake fan were riddled with seeds bad so bad I took the seeds and threw out the weed stuff lol. Didn’t think or know about qwet and extractions at that time really tho.

Hey funny u say that about ur buds have slowed down in the growing my auto XL kush has done the same thing and i know i havent done or changed anything. But my photoperiod blue widow hasnt slowed up at all its getting really chunky buds on it some are rounder then golf balls another’s are getting close to tennis ball size

No need for sorry brudda just a learning experience besides there’s always the wonderful bubble hash

Yea brudda watch em close or get em out had 4 different strains all ended up packed with useless beans