So Far so Weird ,breeding experiment

Curious if there are any experts among the group who can shed some light on this seedling for me …

Or this one …

Any experts on mutation ?
Honest unexpert bropinions also welcomed
Trying to find out what’s going on here



Ok. Got one of those. :joy:
Def an odd one.
Looks healthy enough. Nice green.
By any chance is your r humidity low ?
Only reason I ask is I’ve got one too that’s a little odd and my rh has been low.
Blue kush.

If not then I’m leaning to the genetics for yours.
May not have been the strongest seed ? :thinking:
Spit ballin here too. :wink:



Your plant definitely looks to me like a self topping plant it has multiple tops and you did nothing to it correct ?

Well I can’t say for sure maybe it is a bit on the lower side for seedlings ?
It’s been around 48/52
Temps in the mid to upper 70’s

I have 5 seedlings in the tent and they are all doing it ,
These 2 I separated just after breaking ground because I planted them together but even tho they are struggling they seem to have it too

These are all seeds that I bred by reversing A RQS diesel auto
4 are lemon skunk crosses and the other is a headband cross

Just trying to see if im crazy or did I somehow manage to breed seeds that grow with multiple heads ,

I’m a dang noob and don’t know enough about the science behind breeding I freely admit that ,

However part of me feels just by looking at these seedlings they remind me of the growth pattern of the parent I was given by @Caligurl that I forced the pollen out of .

The one on the left grew insanely vigorous and it came up multiple headed I reversed it and let it pollinate 2 other plants I had going out there , and then also pollinated yeti weddings by @Graysin I had going indoors

The seedlings pictured are from the outdoor pollination plants and I’m still waiting for a yeti to sprout so I can see if that seed got it too

But I’m also still not even positive what they are , all I am seeing is out of 5 seeds 5 don’t seem normal


That’s correct. Other than a couple sprays for some spider mites. But it was like that before the sprays too.
The 2 top fan leaves have been forming and growing out to about an inch before the center starts to grow. The other one I have appears to have normal growth.

That could be a possibility.
Pollen coming from the one with multiple heads would certainly increase the chances for multiples in the offspring.
Sorry I’m not more help with this.
Maybe we can catch @MattyBear for a look see. He Might be able to shed a little light for us both. Lol.


No apologies necessary I appreciate your responses
Just grateful there are places noobs like me can still learn and that’s all I’m really trying to do ,

I know of other places on the web that I can go get called names and told shouldn’t be playing with plants when I don’t know what I’m doing

And reversing isn’t fem work and all that stuff lol

Thanks for tagging Mr bear


That’s why we all like this place so much. :grin:
I’ve seen some of the others. Don’t bother to go there anymore.
Def following along here tho for the outcome.



This is a first generation strain correct? F1? I’ve never seen all plants do that at the beginning. Sorry if I’ve missed it, but have you grown one of these all the way to harvest? Or just the seedlings so far?


Yes none of these are S1 because I think I reversed that plant too late .

So in this group of 5 seedlings 4 of them are from a white label lemon skunk plant
And 1 of them is from a blimburn headband plant

Both pollinated by the RQS Diesel

Here’s the lemon skunk

Here is the headband


Here is a top view of them all
And I really appreciate you responding


And my bad nothing to harvest yet at all ,
This would be the first run


Could just be a genetic mutation present in the RQS. They might grow out like a monster cropped clone at first and then be fine. I’m interested to find out


lol ok thank you I am too ,
I also pollinated it with other plants I had growing in the tent and I’m trying to sprout one of those now to see if they have it too


Looks like polyploidism in cannabis. They can be very unusual, have multiple mains from seed, etc. If it is an autosomal dominant trait from one of the parent strains, as in open pollination with a plant with the trait, it is very possible for all seeds to carry the genetic info and for it to present with each generation. If it is an autosomal recessive, it will show up very infrequently. If all 5/5 are showing, the trait sounds dominant.


Thank you for this ,just put me on an Interesting read with a google search

Also hoping to soon see it in 6 of 6
I will update it here


This is tracking closely to my situation ,
I’m reading polyploids can have vigorous growth
The diesel I reversed outdoors grew as vigorous as any plant I have ever seen and in previous posts here and elsewhere I have always stated the vigor of the plant was very surprising .
My outdoor spot produces on average a 2 ounce crop and that’s on the high side ,
Had I not reversed this plant it may have yielded me well over 5 or 6 ounces and it grew right next to other plants that I’d be lucky to see 2 z off

Example above easy to see the growth difference
The other thing I noticed is the bud sites
It was like there were colas all along its stems not just one central top cola which it also had more of than any other plant

The downside is I’m reading polyploids are notorious for doing freaky weird things like one branch male and one branch female

Or both male and female flowers plants lol

We will have to see


I’ve got one also. it is a gelato 41 from Atlas seeds


Yes looking very strange keep updating here I’m interested to see how it flowers


The lemon skunk x diesel seedlings that were separated at birth are starting to look like they are maybe getting over it …

And I had I totally thought they were all heading this way
So now this one seems like a self topping and not a polyploid ?
lol love how weird it is and it’s now the odd one out of the 5


In other news I also think we are all drinking from the bases now

Goodbye to the very last of any fungus gnats lingering !!!