Crazy plant with Multi tops

Top 3/4 is a female with a dozen tops, bottome 1/4 is male. Every branch, limb whatever on the bottom is male. The rest is female. I keep cutting off the males. Top keeps making more tops. Crazy plant. Gonna just keep on watching it. Hope the pics ok.


Where’d you get the seed?

That is one freaky plant!! I believe its a male throwing pistils. Can we get a close up of one of the tops. Looks like the lime green is boy parts. If they are nanners id toss it immediately. Hermie… if they are pollen sacs like the lowers and that last pics? Id grow it out, collect pollen, and use that mofo right there to make magic beans haha.

Might make bs, might be sterile, might make Jack’s giant jealous.

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Its a strange one

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ILGM stock

Full on hermie bro sorry. If ur still seeing sacs (which i think i do) id chop her down n compost it asap before shim starts shooting pollen

It sends males out from the first set of branches. Cut 6 off so far. They living outside for experimental use. All top ate females. No nannies on any of the tops.

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Another male i bet. Few pics of the top. I’ll cut the male off in a few.


Playing a dangerous game my friend. Some nice looking all female plants in there. And any seeds wouldnt be grow worthy most likely…. Just stay vigilant

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Copy that. This one has its on house now, outside. Way out on the south 40. First time using autos. Learned a bunch of what not to do.