Smoking through a vaporizer

Hi! Can anyone share with an experience of smoking marijuana through a vaporizer. interesting if it deteriorates the quality of smoke, buzz???
whether or not to buy? if yes, then what the best compact vaporizer?) thanks

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1st. You do not smoke from or through a vaporizer. You vape. Vaporizers heat up MJ to a point that it vaporizes. You inhale the vapor.

I would suggest researching vaporizers on the web. There are so many now; I would not feel comfortable recommending any.

On the other hand; I am in the market for a new vaporizer. Perhaps if you give me a price range you are comfortable with; I could tell you about 2-3 vaporizers that I like in that range. :slight_smile:

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It depends greatly on the vaporizer. I honestly have not found a compact vaporizer that I like as well as the larger ones like the Volcano or VripTech’s systems that basically turn a clean bong into an awesome vaporizer. The quality of the buzz can actually be better and more intense with a good vaporizer. Some cannabinoids are actually destroyed during normal burning/smoking and this does not happen with a good vaporizer. However some people that are very very used to smoking seem to miss certain aspects of smoking that can not be replicated with vaporizers and actually confuse some of the other effects that are caused by smoking, that is not really about the THC or other cannabinoids, and this “feeling” is more from other things like a little oxygen deprivation. I mean if you think about it, just holding your breath long enough might make you feel kind of “high”. The lack of this feeling makes some people think they are not getting as high or as good of a buzz. Because of this some people can over do it vaporizing and keep vaping and end up getting a little too high without realizing it. Experienced cannabis users will quickly figure this out and are less likely to over do it, so it’s not that big a deal and is not really something to worry about unless you have a friend over that is not a regular cannabis consumer and is not used to vaping.


Hey NacG :smiley: We must have posted together. Thank You for this informative post. You are exactly right. It is widely known that many different vaporizers will do the job. The adjustable models are the most expensive, but produce the highest yield of full spectrum cannabinoids.

The only quality vape’, I have owned is an Iolite. Had it for 4 yers, and it still clicks on in 3 clicks. :slight_smile:

Volcano; Industry standard. Research this topic. Find out how to find the best vape for your price range, and needs.

Truly :slight_smile: you guys explained so lucidly , that i saw the light without even trying…) thank you! I choose between Arizer Solo (don’t know why but it seems like it more Pro than those two), Pax (can’t get the original one yet) and G Pen herbal Snoop Dogg, but as i know G Pen is mostly like electric pipe, and maybe i can feel more similar to blunt smoke? :-)now going to see polite…


I’m still using an Old Vapir, filling bags full of vapor, then inhaling from them. Once I found my perfect temperature, somewhere below the point where it tastes burnt, I’ve been happy. I have friends who use the pens, but they only use them for portability. For actual high, they all prefer their full size units.

The biggest drawback for me with the vaporizer, was getting used to the extra setup time.

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I was doing some research on the iolite, it does seem like one of the best portable vaporizers out there. And right now they are having a 50% off black Friday sale! That is also about 50% cheaper than about any other quality portable vape. And in fact I’ve seen tons of other portable vaporizers that are indeed twice the price and don’t seem to have anywhere near the satisfaction ratings in the reviews that the iolite has.

I decided at this price I’ll try one out.

Check it out:

Ideally, it would be not bad to have at least one portable and one stationary for actual high :wink: answers in this post helped me to realize, that good Vape is what I need. It remains to get something decent for $200-300. Now i pick between portables Arizer Solo, DaVinci, Pax, Greg Science’s G Pro Herbal Vaporizer, but still can’t make the right choice. Do hope to get right solution here…

definitely a humdinger! and the discount right what i need!) I think the only negative that they are working on butane… or maybe it’s not a disadvantage, but the secret of it’s high satisfaction rating?)

Just so you know, the butane apparently does not come in contact with the herb, it just heats the element to create the right temperature in the herb chamber. Yes this idea bothered me a little as well at first until I had a better understanding of how their system works.

Yes, this might be the key to the high satisfaction rating, batteries might just not be able to create the heat as quickly or intensely to evenly heat the herbs until the cannabinoids vaporize.

BTW, check out VripTech as well. Volcano had to sue them in the beginning because their stuff worked so well. They forced them so as they could not market their “balloon” filling system until Volcano’s patent ran out. VripTech’s version is called the “valloon”. I personally like their bong setups as good and sometimes better than the volcano styles, the bong setups can be dialed in so that you can really taste the terpenes so the vape tastes just like the strain of herb. Blueberry tastes like blueberry, and same for bubblegum, pineapple haze, etc. Just be sure to use a clean bong, otherwise you won’t be able to taste the natural flavors and the old bong smell will ruin everything.

Tell them MacGyver Stoner of LARGO Syndicate sent you, they might still remember me, lol.

oh wow! thank you very much!!! like Vrip Tech more, but for now i need iolite whispr 2 in my life) it’s sin not to make use of, especially on Thanksgiving day :wink:

I to need a vaporizer do to all the cancer treatments I’ve had has really messed my throat up and I just can’t hit at all sometimes and when I do i’ll lose my voice. So a good vaporizer would be awesome. I have gone to and saved the website that you listed. So thank you once again


Waiting for my new portable vapes Iolite WISPR 2 and GPro! Caught 50% discount on them :roll: many thanks for practical advises!

One very iportant fact to realize. All Butane is not the same! Make sure you buy a quintuple refined butane. Do not use cheap growcert store buten Ronson, etc…

Like I said; I have had and used my Iolite for 3-4 years, and because I but “Vector” quintuple refined butane; It still works. It is also a good idea to allow the unit to use all the stored butane every few refills.

Butane lasts for a long time. I buy my Vector butane off ebay from cigar store shops.

One last description about the Ioliye firing and heating mechanism. Iy starts just like a patio gas grill. click, click…pilot light comes on and butane heats up a chamber with a dense metal probe inside chamber.

As mentioned above. Butane never is in same compartment as MMJ, and is only used to heat the apparatus that vaporizes the herb. Peace

Thanks LW! :slight_smile:

Thanks all those who supported! <3 i <3 GM

I am in the market for a new model. It would be nice to be in an area where you can shop around and see the products before you buy them. :slight_smile:

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yep! do u mean whispr II by iolite?