Smoking a bowl or using a Vape: The difference?

My first three or four times that my White Widow CBD Auto was cured I used a bowl. The smoke was mild, and although it was smoked in the cheapest 4 inch glass pipe I could buy…it was great. My throat did become mildly sore after 2-3 bowls. The high? Very nice!

Then, I bought a POTV- ONE and used it last night. It is definitely a different experience in that there is no smoke that comes out, but a kind of ‘smoky vapor’ - hard to describe. It does feel like ‘nothing’ in the lungs…which is weird. Hard to know how much I am smoking. I set it to 390F
The high was a bit different; really hard to describe.Not sure if I liked it better or not or if it was the same. Will have to try it more.
One great thing was the absence of smell compared to smoking it. That was real nice. Light a stick of incense and no one knows you are high. I love that ‘stealth’ aspect of the Vaping, for sure.

One thing I did notice was that, in general, the WW CBD Auto gives a nice body high. But with the vaping, it was the first time that I felt my heart rate increase. Not sure why.

Has anyone else noticed a preference between the ‘mechanics’ of both smoking and vaping as well as the difference, in any, of the ‘high’?

Thanks in advance!

For me, the high from vape is a cleaner high. Less foggy head. Is yours for dry herb or concentrate?

Welcome to the world of waping. You will notice what different strains terps are. Very enjoyable way to consume. If you so desire you can reuse the vaped weed. eat So many pluses to vaping. :bat: :rofl:

dry herb

Thanks for your input!

You can save your vaped material and eat it or cook with it. It has been decarbed and it is ready to go


Biggest tip I can give you is it is VERY easy to consume more than you think until you get used to the dry herb vapes…

You know those first puffs after its heated where you get some great terpy taste but very little vapor on the exhale? You’re still consuming even without seeing the vapor.

I would suggest taking it slow until you get accustomed to it. Its easy to think “I don’t see much so I’m not getting much”…

Thanks for responding. You articulated what I couldn’t. So, the first 3-4 times I smoked the herb from a pipe, by the 2nd time I was pretty well dialed into how much do I smoke until I’m where I want to be.
So, the first time I vaped…I coulndt calibrate what amount…i couldnt believe how tiny a sampling of herb was affecting me becaue it was a 1/3rd of the amount from when I smoked it…
so yeah this moring I vaped for the second time and it gave me just what I wanted…and I vaped a bit less…so, you are right on and great advice for people switching from smoking dry herb to vaping them.


Absolutely, it can be incredibly deceiving since its so efficient.

Few more things that may be helpful…

Just to state the obvious, there is nothing wrong with turning it off and back on for a second session later, not like it goes to waste sitting.

The BEST part if you’re not already aware is there there is plenty of good stuff left in there even once you stop getting vapor from it. What is left is generally referred to “AVB” or Already Vaped Bud. Think of it like lower potency decarbed bud since you’ve already heated it.

This can be used as edibles in many ways from capsules to old school nutella firecrackers (that don’t need to be baked since its already ready to go), etc… Made some peanut butter cups that I think I posted in my first grow thread. Start slow with about 1/4 TSP would be my recommendation.

There’s really no waste at all…


interesting! Actually, although I am not interested in edibles…the other day when I told my wife, “this is great! You gotta try some!” she said, “make me some brownies…” which I thought I didnt know much about…so, thats what i’ll do, I’ll reaeearch a bit about how to get the ‘right’ amount of herb into the brownies…you know, kinda get a bit of a dosage understanding before I give them to my wife. Still, the WW CBD Auto remains that i’d use is very mellow…body high… so, I think I’ll get a Betty Crocker mix and figure out how to make it work so I can tell her, “Don’t eat more than 3 brownies…”

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If you search for “AVB Recipes” and similar search terms you’ll find a LOT of great uses. Easiest and safest is probably something like the firecrackers which are nothing more than a graham cracker, nutella, sprinkle on the AVB, then another graham cracker to make a sandwich. With fresh bud you’d have to bake to decarb but here you just need to assemble them…

This makes it SUPER easy to know exactly how much you’re eating until you can get a better feel for the right dosage.

Just remember that edibles take a while to kick in, so give it at least an hour to judge results. Going up in 1/4 tsp intervals should be pretty safe.

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