Smokin' Deal on Amber Quart Jars

Found a great deal on some really nice Ball Amber Wide Mouth jars. I bought a bunch at this price. Amazon Prime makes it even better!

Quart (32 oz.) Wide Mouth Amber Curing Jars


Search Results idk if this is approved if not I apologize in advance… this place is where I order from not only jars either they are cheap!!


Doubt it as it’s not a website that is approved.
Don’t waste your time on the 32 oz ones. Go after the 64 oz ones. Especially if you get a min of 8 z’s dry.

I have some 32 oz ones that I will use for the best of the best nugs.


Wow, pricing is all over the map for those, from $10 - $23! I pay About $10 for a case of 12 clear ones.

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Clear ones don’t block out 99% UV either.

Not a huge deal if you’re storing in a closet or dark place you’d have to have them out for a long time before the light would do any damage…


No they don’t. However, I don’t leave them sitting out and about either. I keep them in the safe or a closed closet so they’re always in the dark.


The amber ones are cool just pricey. If they made some clear ruby red I’d get some just because I think that would look really cool. Or a cobalt blue! That would be sharp too!

I have one 64oz one sitting on bed loaded with Blue Dream. It makes it easy for me to get access to it. No closet in my room. And with how bad my spine is jacked up it’s not always easy to get out of bed.

12.00 x 4 @ walmart

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One-quart glass mason jars have proven to be a great size for proper curing. Bigger jars are more likely to encourage mold – I’ve learned this one from experience.
If you DO use the bigger one’s I would suggest using them ONLY for long term storage of completely dried bud.

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@LandShark… They do have BLUE jars.

Blue Curing Jars

Green and Purple too but damn they’re expensive!

@LandShark… dude, c’mon. You buy quality seeds from ilgm. You buy quality meters, lights, nutes, & everything needed to grow a great product, but you don’t wanna get nice curing jars for you bud?? I would think that after all the time, $$$, and effort put into a grow, it would be worth taking care of the final product.

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I don’t care if it’s purple green blue red or clear they’re all the same if you’re keeping it in a dark place and you know how to cure correctly I’m on clean team clear jar



My buds are color blind! They can’t tell the difference between clear, amber, blue, etc… And the $$$ I save by getting the clear leaves me more $ for quality essentials like seeds, soil, lights , nutes…

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@LandShark……….no problem bro! I guess its more a matter of choice. I do know that the better beers & wines are in dark colored bottles for a reason, so figure it would apply to weed too.

Why is there no section in the forum for showing off your favorite bong or smoking device? Or… is there one and I’m just missing it?

I was rather stunned when I typed the word ‘BONG’ in the search bar on Amazon and a ton of them came up. HOLY SHIT!! What a great selection!

There’s a thread in the member’s lounge > green room, about half way down the page!