Help finding Quart wide mouth Mason jars please

I could not find Quart wide mouth Mason jars anywhere… Soooo I went to ebay… These jars should cost $15/dozen but had to pay $45/dozen.

They arrived today via FedEx and were broken so I had to refuse delivery.

Now I am in a bind… I have three plants ready to harvest in a couple of weeks and 6 more following in 4-5 weeks… I cannot find any jars for curing.

Is there any one who knows of a place to get these jars at a reasonable price ASAP?

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This has been an ongoing issue nationwide. I don’t have any more information other than check everywhere locally. Sorry.


Google either masonjars or balljars. (.com). My wife needed lids and prices were off the charts. We found her some factory direct at very reasonable prices.

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End of garden season lots of people canning this time of year. Not just buds. Lol


It’s canning season so demand is very high this time of year.
They will become available again at reasonable prices. I usually pay about $1 or so per jar for quart size and about $2 per jar for the 1/2 gallon size for wide mouth. I get them online or locally at Ace hardware, tractor supply, Walmart and so on. I’m sure someone locally has them…maybe haha.
Wide mouth is preferable but not required. Even if you use some other glass containers that aren’t for canning for now and when canning jars are available at reasonable prices you can switch them out. It isn’t absolutely necessary to use canning jars just that they are better than ones that don’t have sealing lids.


Thank you for the reply…

I checked all those stores locally and unfortunately they are all sold out.

Luckily, I was speaking with my neighbor… An elderly dairy farmer… And she mentioned that last year was her last year for her to can her fruit and veggies.

Sooo I asked her if she had any quart wide mouth Mason jars.

She then went home and brought over all the quart wide as well as 12 regular mouth quart jars she had.

Found some Kerr lids and bands fairly cheap… And now… The calm has set in and I am feeling great.


Awesome. Good score! :+1::100::v:

I prefer cure in mason jars as well but I have been known to have to use Tupperware like containers that are airtight

nope i still stand by my conclusion that the whole country is in a secret marijuana grow. :rofl:


Dude I agree I work at a grocery store and I’ve been on the lookout for wide mouth quarts and ever since I grabbed their last one mid august they haven’t gotten a single shipment in larger then pints and no wide mouths period