DIY self burping cure jars

While watching the girls grow, I’ve been learning about “curing”. I’m kinda McGuyver like and a little lazy too so this is my solution to self burping jars.
For many logical reasons wide mouth, 3”, quart mason jars are my choice for curing. You will see I have fitted the lid with an in flow and an out flow check valve to give an air exchange from an aquarium style electric air pump. In the jar is a piece of tubing connected to the inboard valve. The tubing coil at the bottom of the jar has been pierced multiple times with a push pin for air circulation up thru the nugs and out the outboard valve. Plug in timer controls when and how long the air exchange lasts. Valves are sealed with, no shit, Gorilla Glue! You don’t yet see the digital combo thermometer and humidistat that I will tape to the inside of the jar to monitor conditions during the cure.
Pump, valves, jars, lids, digital monitors, tubing splitters(can put air in multiple jars), and tubing, gives me 12 self burping jars for more or less $60.
My logic for wide mouth quart jars is based on my lack of curing experience, risk of loss if something goes wrong in a larger bucket or vessel, and the size is perfect for small indoor AF grows.


GREAT IDEA!!!..I need about 120 of them…:>)

Dang that’s a lot of burps, buckets might be better for that. Needs more room than I have. Good luck!

Good idea!

Go with Gallon Jars

I bought the fermentation lids for curing and after pumping them out once I realized it was just easier to open the jar lid for 10 mins and close it again. Cool idea though.

Great idea but easier said than afforded…:>)

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I get em at Wally world for bout 6 bucks with the hinged lid.

You can order half gallon ball Mason jars. I think they run about 12 bucks for 6

Old pickle jars and the like would do they are a gallon but would require plenty of scrubbing

Saw a guy do this on a video, with a wall full of 5 gallon buckets (like 20 or 30), good ideas come around and around…