Smell and Heat

I live in the land downunder where it is still illegal to grow. I am pissed off because the cops took my two ready to harvest Jack Herrer’s so have decided in a few weeks to grow indoors. They only busted me because I was stupid in the early part of the grow and had the plants on the BBQ for the beautiful morning sun and the neighbor must have seen. I only have one neighbor.
We are coming into summer soon and I live in a tropical area where the outside temperature will be approx 30 deg C with about 75% humidity.
So I am going to go for the feminized auto-flower medical so I can replace some of the ten medications I have.
My grow room will be the cupboard in my office. This is downstairs and I sort of want to get away with not having ducting going everywhere.
I will set up a fan inside the cupboard and the airconditioner will be on most of the day otherwise my overclocked PC might fry.
I have two questions.

  1. How do I mask the smell? How could I incorporate a filter? and
  2. What is the maximum temperature they can survive at?

The max temp depends in numerous factors and how you are going to grow them. Hydro may have less high temperature tolerance, the root zone generally needs to stay between at about 77F/25C or a lower to as low as about 65F/18C. Smaller plants also tend to have less tolerance for higher temps as they can not contain as much moisture as larger plants, and for the most part this is what kills the plant more than the high temps at the canopy level. If you supplement co2 the temps can be quite high at the canopy. At higher temps the plants will transpire more and moisture for the plant will need to be adequate. As long as the plant can supply the water to the leaves, if you think about it tropical sativas must be able to survive near 120F/49C sometimes, it can take quite a bit in temperature. In general, indoors, much above 77F/25C is not recommended.

Thanks a lot mate.

The size of the grow space is 20" deep, 70" height, and 30" wide. It has a cinderblock wall so should be fairly cool and once summer kicks in soon, the aircon will be sitting around 25 deg C. I will ensure their is adequate fan inside there, but it won’t be sealed.

The other option would be to buy a grow tent and place it in the garage, but I would not be able to keep it below 25.

So taking into account option 1, I will have to work on getting rid of the smell.