Embarrassed in MA

Ugh…I’m embarrassed by my indoor grow vs what I see in these forums. My first indoor grow, with autoflowers and I would guess I’m yielding an ounce or two per plant.
My issue I believe now is Temp…as my tent is in my basement where the ambient temp runs around 52-58 degrees. I believe this is stunting the growth of my plants and slowing the time to harvest.
My tent is a 4x4 with a 1300W equivalent LED. My current autos(not from ILGM) are at a little over 16 weeks and still have green pistles…on other plants leaves are yellowed, trich’s are cloudy, I’m guess still a week to go.
Going to start my next grow in a week or so(fresh seeds from ILGM) and will duct my forced air heating system into the tent to see if this improves my grow. Guess I’m just looking for someone to say “yeah if you can raise the temps you’ll definitely increase your yield”.
Great forums, learning a lot.

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My opinion is to add a small space heater to your tent as you can control better then using air from furnace. You want to be 68-85 being low and high end of temps for optimal growing. As far as yields nothing is gauranteed even with better temps lots of things to take into consideration. Can only help though.

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Yeah 50s are pretty low I’d imagine. And you might not have enough light either. There’s no such thing as equivalent watts. Cannabis needs 50 real watts per square foot for max potential. And humidity needs to be in check as well. But everyone here will be glad to help with info as you need it.


Unless your using quantum boards.

With your cold temperatures, I would recommend doing what I do:
I have 2 space heaters in my 4x4 tent. One is plugged in to an “always on” outlet and set to about 67 degrees. The other is plugged into the same timer as my light and is set to about 77 degrees.
This makes it so that the plants will get the optimal nighttime and daytime temperatures. When the light is off, the tent won’t drop below 67 degrees. When the light is on, it won’t drop below 77 degrees.


Thanks for the advice.
space heater or ducting, I don’t know if it’s going to make much diff with an exhaust fan blowing constantly for the second half of the grow…my makeup air is going to be from the basement, I’m thinking any warmer air is better than none, but the temps will definitely be up and down over the course of the day.

Interesting! more power!
I’m walking a fine line here on power consumption…I live in a legal state(MA) where the first recreational shops have just opened up and the next one is slated to open about 15mins from my house. While initial costs hover around $400/oz(!) in the shops, growing my own is an economical solution.
If costs behave like they have in OR, weed at $100/oz will not make as much economic sense to grow. I like this idea of small space heaters though!


I would try to control the space temp and humidity around tent and allow the intake or passive vent and exhaust fan to pull air in
even if you need to put up a temp wall made of plastic or similar to keep heat in a given area of the basement
With exhaust fans running constantly it will pull the hot air out faster then you can replace it so as soon as furnace turns off all the heat would be lost to basement


@Snarky Welcome, I use a space heater in my spare bedroom for temp control and wirks great, temps 65F-75F. Seems like you just need to get the temps up and you will see improvements. We all go through learning curves, thats the best part. Nothing better then growing your own no matter the price within reason. So rewarding from seed to bowl. Would definitely recommend ILGM seeds I’ve had nothing but excellent results. HAPPY GROWING


It is fun! I’ve brewed beer, I’ve fermented wine, I raise chickens and even compost with worms for my gardening…now that growing is legal in MA it’s a fun hobby. I’m just flatly humiliated when I see some of these grows! An ounce of weed lasts me months, so I’ll have plenty regardless.

I suffer from anxiety and would rather not take the benzo’s i’m prescribed, vaping a little weed really helps me sleep. I told my doc I was self-medicating with weed and he was all for it…“hey, if it works, and you’re not smoking it, I’m good with it. Lot’s of my patients are doing it with great results”.


Maybe try hydro next time,I more than doubled my yealds by switching to dwc


@Snarky what was his reason for “as long as your not smoking it”? Glad to hear its helping you.

Because inhaling smoke of any kind is bad for your lungs. And doctors are usually anti smoking in general.

@Snarky auto flowers sound easier but according to people that have done both autos are actually harder. They are definitely temperamental and easy to stunt. And anything that slows them down hurts yield. But thankfully you got your first grow out of the way and I’m betting it’ll be better next time.


Also Ma. Basement grower here :raised_hand:. I have the same issue with temps. During the day my Led keeps the air temp around 77 at night I use a space heater on a temp controller. I run a cooled 600hps for flower in a 3x2x6 cabinet. I take the cool air from the basement pass it through the light and vent the warmer air through a carbon filter back into the basement . Don’t really need the carbon filter since I’m not drawing air from inside the tent but it helps filter any smells that escape into the basement from the cabinet and warms the basement as an added bonus. I also went with some less than good genetics for my first grow (bagseed) ended up with a hermie. Just about to drop some ILGM White Widow fem. won’t mess around with unknown seeds again.

I use a mechanical timer with my exhaust which I have set to run every 15 minutes for 90 seconds instead of running 24/7.

@TommyBahama, nice set up for cold weather! Very intuitive.

Woah, I just noticed this. I don’t recommend doing this unless you are going to put a filter between the two. Forced air heat can be very dirty.

Another thing you can do is add a speed controller to your fan. Slowing it down a little will increase the temperature in your tent.

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This is true. I agree it’s too cold. With a condition. 58° is as low I would go. They will survive but they may not grow as fast compared to being warm.

This is the other concern I have. Can you link this light from amazon? Or screenshot to give us better details? This might also be a factor in your grow. You don’t have enough light I don’t think.


Scrolled from top to ask same question you already did haha.

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