Is my tent getting to hot?

Under my light it shows that my temp is 95 degrees. Is this ok? Where in the tent should I check the temp?

Yes. Too hot.

You need to vent your grow space. High velocity in line fan and ducting should work. You can throw a filter on there too to help with any smells you may be incurring. :+1:

Check temps at canopy height.

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I have a fan that sucks air out. And just now adding a small fan on inside.
What’s ideal temp?

Are you running HID or LED?

What is your tent size?

What part of the grow are you in?

Optimally you should be around 75F.

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I’m using LED. Mars hydro 192 in a 2ft X 2.5 ft gorilla. And have a 4" inline fan sucking from the top. Haven’t started growing yet. Waiting on seeds . I’m just checking everything and getting it ready. Growing in soil.

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Just to clarify LED is 192 watts…?

Tent is 2 X 2.5 X height?

What kind (brand name) of soil? Is it soil or is it coco?

How big are your pots?

Here are the specs on it. The tent is 5’ 7" tall. I am using fox farms bat droppings and worm casings. Pots are going to be 1.2 gallon. But I am starting some outdoor plants in them and transplanting outside and then I am going to start some autos.

The ones I’m growing outside are sour diesel and the indoor are white widows

Ok. Light will be good. 450w is plenty for at least 4 to 5 plants. Although with the square footage of your tent I’d suggest only 2.

I would definitely up the pot size to at least 3 gallon too. Smart bags or traditional plastic.

If you know nothing about LST or FIM - start researching. You may want to consider a SOG grow as well. :+1:

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@Deer1 for the purposes of your preparation you would want to put your thermometer about one foot off the floor for sprouts and then at plant level as she grows.

You might need to open an intake vent to help cool things down

Just on the temps I really only try to adjust them if my tent is getting to 80 or above and I am really not worried about 80 and at night in the winter ( my tent was in the basement ) I would not warm anything till it started getting below 60 . They are pretty tough as long as you keep your ph in the mid 6s don’t burn them with nutrients but keep them lightly fed you should be fine. Good luck also if you havent already done so download the free grow bible it is a quick and easy reference tool That I refer to often

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Perfect thank you!! Currently my temps are getting over 80 degrees .

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In the summer if possible for you to do it I will just leave my tent flap open and put the fan on the out side blowing in . Turn the filter and fan up high and tuck towels under the door that took about 8 or 10 degrees away when mine did get to about 84 good luck @Deer1.

If your plants are healthy and doing well and are able to handle the higher temps I’d say let it go. My grow temps are a bit on the higher side around 82-86 Fahrenheit but 95 is too high to keep your room temp if it’s constant. I’d say go by your plants and how they’re reacting. Every strain is different and picky in there own way. I’m growing ak-47 auto and that girl has been topped, pruned, broke a main branch but has since been healed and she is doing so good. On the other hand I did the exact same things to a blueberry strain and she didn’t like being topped and trained like my other plants. Long story short, read the plant because they’re all different. And take notes if you can or try to remember how your plants react to different stresses.

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Check your temps at canopy level and I the shade if possible that’s will give you the temp of surrounding air in and around plants pots and canopy
But 90+ is definitely too hot
I notice that if I allow my grow room to get warmer than 75 my tent temp rise way high and I use leds lights