Smart Pots and Mold

I was transplanting one of my babies from a gallon pot to a 5 gallon smart pot when I noticed some mold around the bottom half of the pot, should I be concerned about this mold?

I’m no expert but I would think any mold is bad mold when it comes to growing cannabis… Just from a general Heath thing…I would spray some neem oil…or something organic…to get rid of that asap

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@BuzzDaddy70 ,

Well BuzzDaddy, Welcome to ILGM…

OK… For that mold you should have removed it from your soil before placing in smart pot.
But you still could lift that pant and remove as much of the soil as possible.
But before you do that mix up a gal of water and add 1 tsp of nitrogen peroxide
One tsp of Liquid Thrive and one tsp Root Stimulate. Mix up real well.
Pour some in the hole and place the cleaned up plant in and cover over add more water.
She’ll be just fine in a few days. I know it works been there done that.


Thanks Guys. I’m just not figuring out how to work the site so plz bear with me. I should of known better than to put my baby in that soil. I think it would be easier just to take out of pot and plant back in new soil. I’m just losing 6 bucks for the smart pot. When I decided to transplant my babies yesterday, the pots were in the basement and I had put the soil in the pots already about a month ago and we’ve had a grippa rain here and the pots and dirt got a little wet but I had put the pots off the cement floor to dry but I guess I picked up some mold or thats what it looked like to me. I was just thinking that the heat and lights would dry it up. Again, thanks for you help.