Advice on transplanting and killing root rot

Hi all, so I’ll be transplanting from hydro to soil in a few hours. One plant has SUPER bad root rot, the others seem ok. I’m just looking for some advice on getting rid of it before putting the problem in a different home ideally.
Plan so far is to take each plant and wash the roots gently under a luke warm spray not stupidly powerful, and then pop it in the new smart pot house. Any ideas or pointers ect hugely appreciated, came so far and it would be pretty devastating to mess it up now, I really do think this is the best future for them and me for this grow. Thanks in advance, I’ll be here for the next few hours and even while I’m doing the work if anyone can help :slight_smile: @Donaldj @Majiktoker @WillyJ @Willd @peachfuzz @Rugar89 @MAXHeadRoom @Coltfire @darren and all the rest that I’ve forgot to add and @Countryboyjvd1971!

Also didn’t even think if this til now… should I pot them with the net buckets? This will be there forever home and theirs no real way of taking the net pot off the massive root balls

@bob31 @Oldstoner

Well I think it would be better than trying to take the net pot off and tear the roots to shreds
What’s your medium? Clay balls?

Clay pebbles indeed nug, soils here, just waiting on the smart pots now. It’s a sketchy time my friend, really hope it works out.

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Me too bud too much work ,and worry,to waste it all.
I’m sure you’ll get it turned around :sunglasses:

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Main thing is the rot on some of them, how to deal with that shiz

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H2o2, wash,wash wash.
@peachfuzz has had to take scissors, and prune roots b4 , maybe he can elaborate further.


Thanks bro, I’ll h202 the fudge out if them after washing off all the slime crap I can.

I’m a soil guy @McLovin777 but from what I’ve read h2o2 is the best solution as @Nug-bug suggested. Good luck with all this!

And if removing the net pot would probably kill them. Then in the lot it goes too. I don’t see what it could hurt.

Thanks Bob, think I should try and rip the Rockwood out if easy and possible? And also take the top off the clay pebbles?

My answer is about the same as @bob31 from what I’ve read…and I wouldn’t risk removing buckets the roots should take into soil looking for water…good luck man hopefully it all works out

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Yep soil only over here also bud but as @bob31 said I have heard through the nugvine h2o2 is the cure for root rot . As far as trasnplanting I cheat and bury my sprout and seedling phase pot in my large fabric pot from the start so all I have to do is just pull the small pot out turn it over pull the plant out and drop it right in the hole that is already the perfect fit for my root balls . I have very little or no stress from transplantation with this method

Good luck we should call in @yoshi or @ktreez420 they have the gift of out side the box thinking that I lack

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Thanks boys, it’s an adventure with the girls isn’t it… shiz just got real anyway. I’ll do my best

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I have a few suggestions for you that don’t involve soil but have to get to work so don’t have time atm if you are interested in keeping them in hydro be patient and I will get back to you after work?

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I really think it is a mistake to move them to dirt. I would try other options before making a major move into dirt. But that is just my opinion I dont have enough experience to even help you but DonaldJ has been helping me and everything he told me works. So at least give him a chance. I think all you will be doing is covering your problem up with dirt so you dont see it. There are lots of YouTube videos with people that have the exact same problem as you. Maybe while you are waiting for Donalds advise you could watch them and maybe help you solve your problems.

Hang in there. Better days are coming

Too late unfortunately Mr J, how far should I fill the pots considering they have massive roots? Half way is what I’ve done so far. Any tips on transplanting ad in in the process and girls are drained with no pump on hugely appreciated!

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I’ve watched 100s max, and I don’t doubt Donald at all. I’ve seen the problem first hand taking the system apart (huge pain in the butt) the pipes where covered in gunk, blocking water flow no doubt and also giving me root rot. I needed to flush the system with bleach and water or something, anyway what’s done is done.
Sprayed the roots with h202 and water, before potting them. Washed off as much crap as possible that wasn’t stuck on properly, done my best. 200L of soil moved in and potted today…
I can now paint the buckets and absolutely toxify the system with bleach or whatever so next time it’s set up (on a table for easy drainage to) life will be so deliciously simple. Thanks for the advice anyway dudes, wish me luck.