SkywalkerOG,black widow,Chemdog#4 almost done!

Day 68 of flower w/ 3 skywalker OGs, 2 black widows and one chemdog#4. It finally has been cooler the past week at night to not mess w my gals was scary for a little while cux they got to hot and started wilting and they were so close to being done but I saved em…The trichomes are starting to turn amber yaaa!! Almost there hopefully a couple days :crossed_fingers:.i had a Bruce banner goin w these gals (5ft) but she got cut early cux it got to hot and she didn’t do well with the heat at all.but still got some nice buds drying from that now.


Damn, you came out of nowhere! Looking good.


What’s the smoke report on the skywalker?

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Luv it’d even I stunted the bridge banner and one of the skywalker OG‘s because of the heat last summer or this past summer really messed with it but I got a good yield and so far the chem dog 12 and three are smoking green. But the Kem dog should be ready in a couple days it’s been in a jar for about a week and a half curing. So that should be good. And the Bruce Banner even though the buds were really small popcorn buds they were still good sturdy little buds and I got a little bit more than a couple ounces from that plant even though I should’ve got way more because it was 5 feet but once again I got started. I had one black widow grow very nicely turned out perfect smokes perfect it’s one of my favorite to smoke right now. But black widow number two kept growing for an extra 3 1/2 weeks and I just got her three days ago, so she still drying out but sheS got the biggest buds out of all alone a little LoFi not as chunky and thick as they come dug call as were but these black widow colors were way better and they turn purple little bit because it got colder by me. But I just started my next round of seeds and hopefully they will germinate​:raised_hands::raised_hands::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::pray::pray::pray::pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: