Indoor grow looking good :)

3skywalker ogs, 1 Bruce banner , 1chemdog #4,At 6 weeks of veg gonna go flower next week. And 3 black widows at 4 weeks veg. (Black widows seem to be slower and not needing much water. All the others,skywalkers,Bruce banner,chem dog#4, all take a lot of water/nutes way more so that black widows. And the Bruce Banner needs atleast water everyday. Watered/nuted then today and trimmed a lot of leaves off everyone. ![image|375x500](upload://6z



They look great!

Im a little skeptical those widows need wareted every day. Thats a bunch of water.

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Ya Your right. the black widows seem to not need as much water as all my other girls do. They are gettin like a 1/3 of what all the other are :relaxed:They seem to not need so much water. They hold on it it more. And they are gonna take a little longer than everyone else

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