Skinny & Yellow

These sad sacks are White Widow Auto-Flowers growing outdoors in used flower cups in new Miracle Grow potting soil.

It has been 46 days since the seeds first sprouted in water.

One of them is doing pretty well. As you can see the others are skinny and turning yellow.

They are in Holualoa, Hawaii in the Kona coffee belt.

On typical days, they are in direct sunshine from about 9 AM until 1-3 PM, when we (usually) get a cloud cover and occasional light rain.

Temperatures range from 70 F. in the morning to 82 in the afternoon.

I did have them sitting on a rock floor but realized that they might be getting “baked’ or overheated when the rock floor heated up in the sun. Now they are sitting in a flowerbed area.

I water them when the soil feels dry and they also get occasional rain.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!

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Your over watering and from this website no one likes miracle grow

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Don’t know why I have to say it, but @blackthumbbetty is on the other side of the earth where the polar bears eat people, but I bet she would have an answer for ya! :cold_face::sunglasses:

Yeah miracle grow for weed Na , looks like root-bound, really hungry too

That soil looks very wet. The rock floor was probably a great place. Tbh, I keep my plants on a heat mat until they go into 5 gallon pots. The heat helps stimulate root growth while helping the medium dry a bit between inputs.

MG is typically not considered good for growing cannabis bc it has time released nutes and other additives cannabis tends to not like. People do grow with it, but there are inherent issues with it.

Have you fed anything or are you just relying on the medium?

Wondering how the roots are doing in those small pots, too.

At this point, unfortunately, there’s not much you’ll be able to do to turn them around. They’re already far into bloom. You can start covering them when it rains, let the soil dry out a bit, and maybe give them a bloom meal.

Next time, though, we’ve got you covered!


I’m not sure what kind of miracle grow your using. But unless they have come up with one for cannabis lately it’s way too hot. My first grow was with Miracle Grow and it looked just like yours. A few growers here use it but 99.9 percent will say stay away from it. :v::call_me_hand:

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Nitrogen deficiency?