Side effects from smoking plants that haven't been flushed

I can’t find anything on the forum or online about possible side effects of smoking plants that have been fed high nutrients and have not been flushed yet. I thought I read somewhere that the GH series nutrients are high silica. Does anyone know where I might look to find out.


You can get harsh tasting bud if your have high nutrients in soil at harvest
A lot of us stop feed somewhere between 2-4 weeks from harvest
I usually stop feeding at two weeks from projected harvest just in case I decide to extend the grow a wel or two longer
This prevents the need to flush
Not sure about the silica question but silica has more to do with tissue streaght in stems and root than in the bud development to my knowledge
I my self am not a fan of flush
Hope this helps
Not sure where the info is exactly but the data know it’s out there
Maybe be one of the mentors can explain it more to you @OldSkunk
So I’ll tag them for you
@Majiktoker @Hogmaster @Donaldj are three of them that I’ve asked many questions over the time I’ve been here so I hope they can square you away if I missed anything
Happy growing and smoking :v:CB


That wasnt it do a search at the top for … To flush or not to flush by @Aquaponic_Dumme it is very comprehensive and gives the pros and cons of both @Countryboyjvd1971


This is my first grow in many many years. I read a lot about the pro’s and con’s and personally, I don’t ever plan to flush. I do plan to switch to plain water (dehumidifier water to be specific) with ph down to 5.8 (coco) for my last 11 days or so.
This I understand, might cause the plants to live off their own stored nutes thereby achieving the end goal, plants starved for nutrition at harvest. Just my plan and two cents, good luck whatever you decide to do.

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For a lot of aspects of cannabis-growing? – There’s no strong consensus. Most recommend at least a slow-down of nutes before harvest, but some disagree.

Think about other things that grow on trees. How much nutes do you taste in apples, for instance? Hey, there may be some there there with the “nute taste” thing, but if there is, it’s not obvious to me. Personally, I just make sure I’ve no-nute watered twice in a row before a harvest . . . kinda to split the difference.

Same with flush. A range of opinions. I flushed all the ladies once, but intellectually in darkness, since I wasn’t measuring ppm! :smile: The point of flushing is to more ably control the environment. All the latent salts create a wild card that can make your grow less predictable. But ultimately IMHO . . . the best “meter” is your plants. If they’re happy . . . don’t flush.


The need for a flush is a result of how much and how often you feed your ladies during flower and what you feed them. If you are force feeding your plants at high ppm through entire flower period then a flush helps to get rid of excess minerals your plant has stored which can lead to foul taste hard burn and in some cases headaches. But if you taper your feedings for last 2-3 weeks of flower I typically just go to watering with little to no nutrients for last 2 weeks


Oh I forgot about that thread @Oldstoner thanks for reminding me about it :+1:
I’m not a fan myself but :+1::+1: :v: :cowboy_hat_face:CB

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I don’t really have much to go on as far as proven scientific data about what chemicals are present in the smoke or otherwise by product, but your plant ultimately will only intake what it can use naturally, unless you’ve given it something unnatural to boost production. I could be wrong but at the end of the day it seems it only makes sense to take into consideration what the plants are actually doing with what you are putting into the soil, or applying as a spray. To assume that everything you put into the roots will simply soak up like a sponge isn’t true due to the process it takes for the plants to actually feed off of what is readily available. So what it boils down to (IMO) is taste and whether or not you’ve used a pest or foliar spray. If you aren’t applying dangerous chemicals directly onto the foliage and flower, it shouldn’t be a concern really as to safe or not to consume. It will boil down to the acrid taste of trace amounts of those live “oils” from inside the plant that have not properly broken down.

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As far as silica… it doesn’t return to the soil due to biodegradation so I would venture to say that whether or not you flush, dry, water cure, whatever… it is available in all forms cured or otherwise.

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The way I see it, street dealers that grow shitty weed to resell it won’t flush their plants, as it is seen as a loose of time (and revenue). This means that the plant you’ll smoke might well give you headaches or stomac aches, plus the burning sensation in your throat, like if someting was irritating it. This thing is the rest of nutrients in your plant.


  • If you buy your weed in the streets, because you can’t exactly know with what your weed has been “dilute” with (sand, spray, glass power…), then the side effects can be numerous and dangerous.
  • If you buy your weed in a dispensary, normally you shouldn’t end with such product, so if the herb is good, you’ll only get the normal effects of smoking because the plants are normally flushed.
  • If you grow your weed, then you decide if you flush it or not, but of course I sugget you do! And more two weeks than 2 days if you have used nutrients during the whole process.

At the end, smoking a plant that hasn’t been flushed will always have a weird flavour and taste, and you’ll miss the true caracteristics of the variety, which is not interesting if you like knowing exactly what you smoke!

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When smoking or vaping CBD, the cannabinoids are sent directly to the lungs before being rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and put into circulation throughout the body. With ingestion, CBD is first sent through the digestive tract and metabolized in the liver, where it is broken down before finally being sent into the bloodstream. After smoking cannabis, blood levels of THC rise. There are numerous factors that lead to higher levels of THC metabolite accumulation within the body. Keep these in mind when smoking cannabis. Different people have varying metabolic rates. Some people can burn calories by merely sitting around, while others really struggle to lose weight even with an active lifestyle. Those with a faster metabolism will process and eliminate these substances faster.


Please, please do not just copy and paste various sites’ info w/o citing that it’s a quote. We welcome all info, but if you’re going to quote something, please give proper credit.

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Most importantly. what would be the medical side effects?? Can’t get high if you die.


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I had a friend who would begin coughing and breaking out in spots until he tried some of my weed i explained i flushed and her understood!

Damn BTB! Youre like sherlock holmes figuring out that was directly from google lol!

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