Should You flush when using super soil?

Should you flush your plants when using the super soil? I’ve heard not to flush 3-4 days before harvest. Is this true?


I wouldn’t flush supersoil, living soil, whatever, ever unless it was a dire emergency to get rid of something bad in my soil. If you flush your super soil you’re just pissing away nutrients :green_heart::smirk:
(If you’re at the end towards harvest I would still not flush because the soil will just keep getting better when you amend it and reuse it on the next grow)
Damn, I just made that long winded, sorry


Fantastic to know finally. Thanks that answered a lot of questions. Everything I read says to flush at end and it really didn’t make much since. Thanks again.


Good Morning :smiley: you don’t want to flush living soil. You don’t want run of either. Although I do try to get a little run off evince in a while just to make sure I don’t have dry spots down low in the pots. Happy growing :blush::v:


I grow in a super soil i make my self ive never flushed and i get smooth smoke all the time but it comes down to what u want to do


So what’s this issue with white/black ash? Isn’t that down to not flushing you get black ash and a horrible smoke?

Flushing is ok but not necessary while growing true organics. Unlike other methods you want to keep the soil consistently moist due to the life thriving in the dirt. You don’t want it to dry out as much of some do with other methods.
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I do not feel that it has been proven to be useless at all. To each there own on this one :slight_smile:
The ash when left over your your pipe. I remember this topic. I feel that when you burn a bowl and you are left with this nasty blackish crusty chunk that didn’t burn to well is probably not as clean/healthy as if white ash is left over.


This would be the same as if one sprayed there plants up to the day of harvest. Some might think it’s ok. Some may think it’s not. I lean towards the not ok side of things.
But…… once again this is one reason there are so many different grades of cannabis. We all choose to grow alittle different. The ways the have worked for us and that we have noticed positive benefits.


@Spiney_norman huh?

Only reason I ask about this. Is I recently got some grape candy, and it burns TERRIBLE, solid black ash, almost un smokeable cos of it, but it looked absolutely beautiful, the only thing I could put it down too was it wasn’t flushed? What else could cause that?

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I believe its more for people who use bottled nutrients that should flush there plants and soil when it comes to harvest ,all my ash is white when i smoke up and i dont flush .i don’t think theres any scientific study that confirms flashing actually does anything to the final quality and how are Burns i believe u will find the ash colour and flushing is more bro science then anything else .if you feel the need to flush to get a good smooth smoke and white ash that is totally up to you it all comes down to personal preference ,why don’t you try a experiment harvest some of plant without flushing and then flush the rest of ur plant and see which tastes better and which has white ash or black ash


I feel the flush concept is geared more towered heavy synthetic nutrients. But…

We have noticed when using a fish/crab/shrimp solution up threw flower and even a week away from harvest the flower will take on a nasty fish smell.

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