Should I try to correct this?

GSC-auto. TS-1000 led at 75%, 24 inches.
Should I put a stake…Well maybe a bambo kebob skewer to straighten the little bugger up?


If it was me I would add some more soil all the way up to the little round leafs.
It will support it and the part covered in dirt will grow more roots out of it.


You can also place a stick or strong across from one side of the pot to the other and let that prop it up.

Add dirt. I’d bury her to just under her first node. She’ll stop stretching if you give her more light. Do you have any air movement on her? Start out gradually. Fan’s will help strengthen the stalk since you have no wind.


as @1HappyPappy , soil support to the depth of the pair of cotyledons (little leaves, non-serated-blades)

Took 2 years to learn that fan tip (in 1973, no internet, no High Times in Utah, our town).


Im a ut guy lol

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