Questions about indoor wind (fans)

Hello everyone, so i recently started growing in this tall cabinet i fixed up, 2 meters tall and 50*58 cm base. My seedling came out of the ground in good shape, howevzr my lights were too dim so i got a bit of stretching on the third day since it came out of the soil. Thanks to a bit of tinkering i used a shoelace to straighten out the stem and i increased the light to 5000-6000 lux at the leafs level. Now on day 4 i removed the shoelace and it stands tall on its own ! I use a fan 24h a day that blows air slightly above my plant, and here is my question. Is it ok for my seedling to wobble a tint bit, maybe a few millimeters in each direction, since it is quite leggy ? Should it woble more ? Thanks in advance, and sorry for probably over thinking things on the literal 4th day :grimacing:


You should be ok, however your “pot” - the container, not the plant - looks a little small.

Just an “FYI”, I have found that rigid containers - like your flower pot - do not generally allow the root mass of the plant to expand. I have used rigid containers, “air” pots, and fabric pots. Since I switched to fabric pots - I use 3 gallon for my auto flowering now, I can REALLY see improvements in growth.

Just sayin . . . remember: growing is learning.

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All you need is for them to just barely wiggle.
Pretty fragile for the first couple weeks.
Also you can back fill the stem with some more of your soil to steady it till it gains some strength.

Just be cautious watering in the bigger pot so you don’t drown the roots. They like a wet to dry cycle.


I would have the fan facing a wall rather than at the plant. Let the swirling current wiggle the seedling.

I agree with oldguy, put more dirt in around your girl. You can add up to half way up the stem. Just be gentle in moving it up to the stem.


The pot is 17 litres (4.4 gal) and its got 12L (3 gal) of soil in it, its the biggest i could find. Also thanks for the suggestion ill give her some more of the same soil tonight before i water, and so far it seems as though my soil deals with the water well, i dont measure how much u give but its not more than half a litre and it spreads and dries evenly. As for the fan position the size of the cabinet and tje shape of the fan doesbr really allow me to put ut sideways, thats why i got one that could point up… thanks again for the replies !

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That’s way to much water for a plant that size.
It hasn’t developed any root system yet.
Just a light misting is all that’s required at this stage.
They like a wet to dry cycle for best growth.

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Be careful with the use of too much ‘wind’ depending on how you’re going to train your plant too, having the fan too close can eventually strengthen your stem so much that even LST methods can snap your stem & branches.

@Connoisseur What are LST methods ?

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Ok so i filled up the jar a bit more to make the leggy stem “shorter” i hope it wont stress her. However about the watering i think ill keep her on the same schedule with same dose, ive had not signs of her drowning (in fact i think shes doing vzry well!) and since i have such a big pot im afraid of dry spots. Thanks again for all your help, heres an update pic :slight_smile:

Here’s a bit of light reading for you;

There are many benefits to training your plants, id suggest starting with some basic LST techniques, also look into the ‘topping’ method too, especially growing in a confined space.

Goodluck :slight_smile:

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