Should I top off White Widow auto flower?

After 36 days two of my White Widow auto flowers are about 16 inches tall but relatively skinny. There are currently six nodes. Do you think I should top off the top node to achieve more horizontal growth?

Being an auto I wouldn’t. You may stunt it. The window for topping an auto is very short.


Are buds developing? A photo would be helpful.

Thanks for the advice @covertgrower. Really appreciate it.

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Thanks @KeystoneCops. No buds have developed. Here are a couple of pictures. Appreciate your help.

I see pistils, and they look stacked as opposed to just showing sex.

You could prune (top) at this point, but it could be a folly. If it were me, I’d top one to see the difference, or I’d use LST to play with apical dominance. Gently pulling the meristem sideways will elicit growth from the “lower” internodes without stressing the plant.

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Thanks a lot, @KeystoneCops. I’ll give LST a shot. Really appreciate your insight.

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Hi newbie here. Growing a WW auto just like this. 9 weeks in and it’s tall and skinny, thin stalk, and just starting to flower. I think I had some weaker light on it for the whole time and have just upgraded. Can anyone say why my plant is tall and skinny and slower growing versus the ones that are thick and bountiful?

Welcome to the community!

Light quality/brightness/distance are some of the main factors.

A plant will do the skinny tall when it is searching for good light to use while there are many other factors that can play a part in this, lighting is number one.

What light are you now using?

Hello and thank you very much for the reply. For 9 weeks I was using a $50 Amazon light. I just bought a HLG 300 that was like $400 so the light is a lot better. The plant is just now starting to get flowers now. Overall it looks real healthy and green. I do think the problem was insufficient lighting like you say.

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