Should I decarb even if only plan to smoke?

Sorry about the wonky title didnt really know how to word my question. Ive got a big pile of larf from last havest and want to try to make an extract. going to just freeze and cold everclear, shake, stain and evaporate. The oil will only be added to ground bud and smoked. Will I get better results to still decarb or is it unnecessary since it will be combusted and not used for edibles? may be a silly question but Ive never really made any kind of extracts and want to keep it as simple as possible… thanks


No need to decarb if smoking the product.

The purpose of decarbing is to expose the product to heat and convert THC-A to THC. If smoking THC-A is converted to THC when you fire it up.


ok thank you. just what i wanted to make sure about. thanks again


I use the ardent decarb machine for both eating the bud and also for smoking it and if decarbed can take the next step to make cannabutter or infuse oils etc. I used to make the butter but to me it’s just easier to eat the decarbed flower as you get everything that it can offer me.
Here’s the reason why…
The Ardent conversion rate from THC-A to THC is approximately 95% where just smoking the bud without decarb is around 70-75%.
This way I’m able to simply just eat the flower as an edible or if I smoke it I’m getting the most out of it.
The drawback is the change in nose smell and the smoke taste changes from decarbing it.
I always keep some decarbed to simply eat for a longer time effect and if I smoke it has best THC content over just smoking it as you gain about 20% more in THC content.
Hope this helps
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Are you saying you decarb what you smoke too, because it is stronger/more active? :exploding_head:

What if besides eating, you only vaped (like through a Volcano)… would you only decarb what you ate then, since that essentially is heavy decarbing?

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I do both as in I smoke decarbed and not decarbed flower.
But if it’s decarbed first and then smoked I will get more THC from the same harvested plant than I would if just smoking raw flower.
I’m not sure what a volcano is other than ya know a volcano with magma and shit but I’m guessing it involves heating up flower using a coil etc. even so I doubt the device converts at the 95% rate. I have a device that uses coils to vaporize the flower but don’t use it much anymore but even the way it works it wouldn’t have that high conversion rate. I could be wrong but I doubt it does.
Take a look on Ardent’s web site much great info to look over.
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Very interesting…thank you.

~old-school tank of a desktop convection vaporizer that is decades old, powered by an internal fan, the hot air moves through your dry herb at adjustable temps, to fill bags you then draw from :wink: