Decarb flower then rosin press

Hi, can you decarb flower, then rosin press it ?

You’ll lose terpenes when you decarb. Not necessary if smoking it but for edibles you can decarb after. Or raise plate temps to decarb as you press.

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Ok so decarb after the rosin press, I have read that increasing the temp on the rosin press will jot decarb the flower, is there some thing I missed in that class

What are you using the decarbed rosin for.

Unless you’re eating it don’t decarb to keep flavor.


Thanks for the responses, however, my question is can I decarb my cbd flower, in the oven, then rosin press it to make the cbd oil,
Or is it best to decarb the rosin after it has been pressed
I understand about decarbing to unlock the medicine I need
However, I’m not sure if it matters at which point you decarb
Thanks for your help

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