Should I be worried?

Today as I was doing some LST I noticed sth very small runnign all over the floor and there were plenty of them like 15 so for sure there are more hiding… I took a picture with my magnifying glass for trichomes, I’m satisfied with that quality. Also I found an ant but I think it’s normal, they are all over my place and I can’t get them out.

Hmm. U have a couple doff probs i see. Maybe G man could identify the buggies. There are diff methods of attack for diff critters. But food grade DE usually does wonders for any egglaying issues. Also a bit of h2o2 and water in a spray bottle is a great buttkicker. Wait til he messages on other thread first tho then ask him. He’d my weedcyclopedia

You have springtails @SativaMaker


Thank you, I already found some advices how to get rid of them but wanted to know is it good idea to insert some predators into my garden like lady bugs? Can they help my plants be clean of insects and stay on duty of my garden, I’m not very often inside grow room :confused:

I hear of people doing this quite a bit.

I tagged @SativaMaker In a post about organic home made pest control. Wonder if this would help you out…

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Lady bugs are a great way to deter pita bugs.

@PurpNGold74 have some on order. Sounds like its interesting if nothing else and about as organic a treatment as your going to get. I read somewhere here they can die and be caught up in the flowers. Not sure if that’s true but thinking perhaps a dip in a peroxide and water bath and then a rinse after their cut and before they hang might take care of any contaminants. Anyone have any thoughts or experience on the matter? I’m trying to keep my meds as “pure” as I can. Like the idea but not sure about consuming dead lady bug carcasses. :slight_smile: PS Primary interest is fungus gnats which are pretty much down with Neam oil but thinking it could be a good extension into a living and sustainable environment.

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Hi guys, just telling my feedback. I bought an oil for those bastards but also I reduced humidity and dryied out my pots (I read that they love wet enviroment). So when I returned to home with oil I noticed only one springtail, so there was no need for that oil, it’s on shefl now as a backup. Thanks for help :smiley:

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Google Jorge Cerv harvest bath. Its a frequent youtube video around here. And ive done it and can attest i didnt notice any flavor diff.

Also great news @SativaMaker! Happy u got it

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The Cervantes bath seems work without a hitch I agree @PurpNGold74 thanks for the confirm on the thought. Kind of counter intuitive dipping your new harvest in water before you hang it I have to say, but the resin glands aren’t water soluble I guess, so once you get over the oddness its all good.

My thoughts exactly. Not just into water (popr trichs…) but peroxide water! What happened to organics!!!

And please please please please dry and ventilate your buds after.

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springtales at 12