Should I be worried about bud rott - having 3 days straight of heavy rain

Hello ,

Growing outdoors and It’s been raining heavy nonstop here in S/E Michigan for the past 24 hours and going to continue for the next day / day and a half .
Haven’t had this much rain growing outdoors in the last few years and worried about bud rott . I’m about 3 weeks into flower , my girls are in 20 gal fabric pots , they’re about 11-12 feet tall so moveable but will require quit a bit of work . My only option would be to move them under the gazebo outside or into the garage and put a fan on them .
I feel like Leaving outside under the gazebo wouldn’t do much considering the relative humidity is about 98%
Do you think they’ll be ok left outside and just dry them off real good with a leaf blower once the rain has stopped or should I take action right away and bring them into the garage ??


Well it’s hard to say. I have heard of using leaf blower not a bad idea if you have one. I will normally give them a good shake after rain has gone.


Like the skipper said
A good shake after the rain has stopped completely, can do the trick
Never used a leaf blower
I actually always used a gazebo or umbrellas to Shield my flowering plants from rain.
However morning dew should be shaken off too
Your humidity level is worriesome with all that moisture tho so I’d be as proactive as you can

Me personally they’d already be under the gazebo
I never liked moving them from the environment they are used to


3 weeks is pretty early into flower. I wouldn’t think you have any thing to worry about. I don’t grow out side though. @Big123 @Seeddog @AfgVet @Myfriendis410 have and may be able to help


i did what you and the others suggested. from halfway up the stalk or just above grab with one hand and about 4-6" from top of cola grab with the other and shake it like Homer choking Bart (you can even yell “WHY you LIL!!!” :smiley: ). Now i have an industrial floor fan on low (still 2800fps volume of air movement ) about 15 ft away from them outside and it’s moving them pretty good but not in a dangerous way of breakage. They ARE drying out. It just stopped raining here about 3 hours ago and the closest plants to the fan have DRY leaves and barely moistened buds but had water SITTING on the leaves and buds earlier :wink:

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Hey bud,

About to receive 4” of rain over the next 24 hrs. And it’s getting cold. I have three weeks left. I have no concerns on my end I’ll give a shake tomorrow night and they will be all good.


nice ladies :slight_smile:


Thanks Virginia, been a great summer!


I’ve never grown outside either but I too would think week3 of flower would be too soon to see bud rot but then again…I’ve never grown outside


Check with @kaptain3d and @Oldguy

They’re both using a product called EM1 I believe, for mold and bud rot prevention. Might be food for you once your in flower a little more


Looking brilliant @Greatlakesgrower


Some use hoop houses or put up tarps if possible. Many strains are mold resistant, and 3 weeks is quite early. I would be careful about moving them as they may have roots grown through the bags, and you might stress/stunt their development.


such pretty girls

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Iv been growing outside for 4 years now and live close to Michigan with the same kind of weather andnhave never experienced bud rot not even on plants holding 2 lbs of bud. Weed is a weed and mother nature will take care of it.

sometimes this time of year though mother nature doesn’t play nice with SURPRISE!! cooler temps for 3 or 4 days then back to humid and hot and then rain and then not and then DAYS of rain and still too warm/humid… all seem to be ripe conditions in weird secessions like that for many folks i’ve seen this year posting about it in their outdoor grows. hoping to have your luck with mine :slight_smile: