About to get heavy rain

Where I live we are about to get heavy rain left over from a hurricane. We’re 4 weeks into flowering outdoor plants. All from ILGM seeds. What can we do to protect our girls from bud rot? All help appreciated.

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Try to cover them ?

Put a pop up tent over them?

Not sure about the wind

If not be out there with a leaf blower or something after

Sorry for your situation !! I’m seriously empathetic
Good luck hope you can protect them

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Depending on the size of your girls you could look at an easy up tent. They’re like 100$ on Amazon

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I hope they make it through it. Maybe something to block the prevailing winds and a tarp?


Any option to put them in the garage, or storage shed? Of course if they’re directly in the ground, that’s out.

The rain will be heavy for 48 hours max. Mine are at about the same stage as yours.
I think they will be fine once things dry up again in a few days.
At least I hope so.

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