Should I be topping?

Hydroponic Auto Blueberry 3 weeks in…should I trim any of this mess.

Hi. Nice plant. I advise you to not top this plant because it is an autoflower and because it is enough bushy . Also don’t trim any leaves.
This is my opinion for my experience with autos.
It is a healthy plant. Go on so and when you can look start flowering use the right nutrients. There are many articles on ILGM site.
Good grow! :wink::wink::wink:


I believe @Teddy78 is right the plants needs at least two weeks to full recover from toppings and with auto it’s not advised to my knowledge
I grow photos myself



I’m going to send you the link to my journal on Auto flowering plants. You will find it very helpful.

Will I will also add you to my list of fokes followers

Team 101 { Experiment } Auto Grow, Clone Or Not To Clone Auto's - #10 by BIGE

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Me personally, I would top her. It’s all a personal preference though!


Hi I was wondering if I should be topping right now or if I should wait a little longer. Or if I should be topping at all…
This is my first (real) grow and I would appreciate any advice very much!
These ladies were planted (feminized seeds) on February 20 and they are currently on a 20-4 light cycle.