Should I be mixing my foods together

I just have a question about feeding my plants. Looking at the Fox Farm chart they show 1, 2, or 3 items to be fed twice a week. I’m wondering do they mean mix these all together in one gallon? I alternate plain water and feed every other day right now, should I just be feeding every other day?


Feed as necessary to maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000. It doesn’t really matter how you mix the FF Trio.


Are you in soil or coco Growmie? :love_you_gesture:

I’m using fox farm happy frog soil in 5 gallon grow bags. Now in the 3rd week of flowering.
I use a high nitrogen feed to start then move on to Fox farm Tiger bloom and then finish off with Liquid Blue. This is my third grow and have had nice results with this, but could always do better.
Thanks for any input you might have

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